Nba Players Are Not Overpaid Essay

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Professional athletes, especially NBA players are harshly criticized of their high salaries because many people feel what they do does not amount to what they are being paid. They feel NBA players aren’t contributing enough to be paid on that magnitude. Many people can’t stand that NBA players are paid millions while teachers, doctors, lawyers, or other professions are making nothing compared to them. Many strongly feel that NBA players do nothing more than play a ball game. However, there is a lot that NBA players do that people are unaware of. People need to understand that NBA players are paid millions for a reason. They have to go through a lot physically and mentally. They are contributing to many areas of our society and people don’t …show more content…
It’s unfortunate and disrespectful that many criticize them without real reasons. People are looking at what they are making, but avoiding why they are making that amount. NBA players have a bigger impact in our society, and their salaries reflect that impact. It’s common sense that when you contribute more, you get more in return. Professional athletes like NBA players are paid millions for a reason. No boss is dumb enough to overpay them millions for nothing. Many need to understand they do a lot more than just play a ball game. That’s just the image many have of them. People lack knowledge of what these professional basketball players do so they just go by what the media portray them as. NBA players are fully deserving of their salaries because they train extremely hard, provide entertainment for many people, and help the growth of our economy. It’s easy to victimize professional athletes because all you see are ball players, but they are much more than ball players. There are a lot that comes with what they do. All their contributions proves they are not overpaid. This society would be affected tremendously without NBA players. They are paid what they

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