NFL Players Are Paid Too Paid Essay

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There is an ongoing question of whether or not the athletes in the NFL are paid too much or if they deserve what they are paid. If you ask me, the answer is perfectly obvious. NFL player are grossly overpaid for doing a job with zero productivity other than entertainment and the money being spent on them should be put to use for much better causes. There are many people who think that, because they work really hard, NFL players deserve the surplus of money that they are currently paid. This is false though because even though they work incredibly hard, if it doesn’t accomplish anything there is no productivity to deserve the pay. What an NFL player does is simply not productive enough to warrant their ample salary size. When asking the general …show more content…
When asked in a debate if they are overpaid or not there were advocates for both sides and a lot of the people who thought they weren’t overpaid had reasons a lot like “They are being rewarded for their hard work and dedication” (“Are Football Players Overpaid”). This is true, they did work for this their whole lives and it was not easy by any means; however, the same could be said for everyone who takes hard classes in high school and college in order to pursue a job that requires a high gpa. That is also very hard work, it may not be physically hard but it is mentally difficult and they need to dedicate just as much time to their studies as football players need to dedicate to their practices. Despite this, they are not making $2,100,000 every year. They worked hard, they dedicated their whole lives to getting to this job. According to this reasoning they also deserve to be rewarded. It would seem to me that that reasoning has some very big flaws in it. The other argument is that they work very hard every day and physically push themselves. This reasoning really bothers me because it is the reasoning of lazy people who think that it is such a rare thing for someone to work hard. Anybody can work hard and push themselves. Bodybuilders practically live in the weightroom, and they keep an extremely regulated diet but I find it hard to believe that they are making 2.1 million dollars as their annual salary. If just working hard warranted a salary that large then there would be millionaires all over the

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