Explain Why Pro Players Are Not Overpaid

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One reason i feel they are not overpaid is they had earned to be there they had earned to be playing on that field. Also the better you are the more the teams are going to want to pay for you to be on their team. I also know that athletes had injuries that can cost up to $70,000. Like Paul George when he snapped his leg is basketball that costed approximately $65,000 dollars for surgery. One example is Tom Brady he is a 5 time super bowl champ quarterback. He is so good he gets paid over 35 million dollars. One other reason is the pro players Have fought to be there they wanted to be successful they took times of their lives to practice everyday and hustle and put in the work.

Also out of 8 million people that play college sports nearly 300,000 people move on to go to top ten colleges and semi pro or pro. I know that it is really rare and hard to make it to pro sports. I also know that that only 215 people get drafted onto the a,b,c,d leagues and those are lower than semi pro but you still make decent money. The
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Matt Flynn said “ based on the data they have collected Eli Manning is a legend in football”. Eli completed 551 of 600 passes in 10 games in 2017. Eli Manning signed a 6 year contract with the Giants for 97.5 million dollars. That was true information from bleacherreport.com. This is why he isn't overpaid compared to other Nfl players cause he is also one crushing the league. Also some people feel like he is overpaid because he makes 97.5 million but truly he had deserved it he worked with his father and his brother since birth and all three of them was in the NFL because they had a goal. It took his whole life to earn that much because he dedicated his life and everything to the sport. Also his own coach on the Giants said “yes Eli manning is getting older and is still keeping up with the pressure in the NFL”. This is the reason NFL player are not

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