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College Athletes Should Not be Paid Professional sports teams are paid for their performance, but college teams are not. Many are at the schools because of scholarships. Besides, this what makes them different than professional players is, they are younger, not as experienced, and they should also be trying to get an education. That is what makes them different the whole of trying to get an education. Education is what college is for not sports. Many think that college athletes should be paid because they work hard. However college athletes should not be paid for many reasons such as it would not be fair, they may not get the education they need and that college athletes are not there for sports. Yes they work hard, but they should be …show more content…
It is a populous opinion to think that it would help the athletes through college if the received money. This in the long run would be sending them into the real world unprepared. “But the evidence presented in this book does demonstrate a consistent tendency for athletes to do less well academically that their classmates” (Shulman 51). If this continues to happen there will be a world full of people who used to play sports with no degree and no way to make a living. It is said that the graduation rates in sports are the lowest (McCormac 24). How will sports help later in life when so little of these students do not go into professional sports. What would help them even more is a college degree. It is noted that the college sports are nothing like the high school sports. There is an increase in intensity and demand for the players time, it tries to mimic a professional sports environment. A professional sports model will not blend in with the school environment (Gerdy 63). If these athletes are paid the schools will find themselves in the situation of many of these athletes not doing well in their studies. Why would these students be given a false sense that they might make it in the professional world of sports rather than telling them that they will need to get a degree. It may be mean to tell them the harsh reality that they are not …show more content…
Many schools could not afford to pay all of their athletes.With only some of the major schools making revenues off of a handful of their sports the rest bring in almost no revenue. Mainly these sports are football, and mens and womens basketball. Many college departments lose money already as it is “... according to a USA Today story last month, only 23 out of 228 division one athletic programs managed to run a surplus in 2012”( Dorfman Forbes). That means that there is barely any money in the sports departments of colleges. Many colleges would not have the money to pay their athletes fairly. Many questions that occur from this issue such as where the money would come from.Even if there was a simple way to divide up the revenue sports earnings in a way that would make everyone happy, college sport departments would still not make enough money. An issue caused by this lack of funds would be for these departments in getting enough money. In the end they may have to get rid of the non-revenue sports suchs as swimming and diving, volleyball, cross-country and many others. The scholarships that come from these sports are many teenagers way to pay for college. Without these sports many teens may choose not to get to college. They may not be able to pay for college with many only going because of scholarships. There is a reason these students are not paid already.These student-athletes chose to be in sports

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