Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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One of the most talked about and controversial topics within college sports since the past decade is should college NCAA athletes be compensated? While this topic has really heated up in recent years, the term education or exploitation seems to accumulate. College athletes have often been exploited for their talents rather than receiving a profitable education. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a billion dollar organization that is responsible for regulating college athletes and athletic programs of universities across the United States (Should). The NCAA generates billions of dollars a year and the money is distributed toward major TV and marketing contracts, merchandising, and ticket sales. The coaches and athletic department …show more content…
nights that I go to bed and I 'm starving." Because most athletes ' meal plans aren 't covered in the scholarship (Should College). When college athletes are recruited with the promise of “full rides,” they aren’t necessarily told that their scholarship won’t cover all their expenses. While some people believe that college athletes who receive athletic scholarships receive “full-ride” scholarships, the truth is that no athletic scholarship covers all of the costs of attending college, and that athletes in the majority of sports programs receive “partial” athletic scholarships (Athletic). For example, an athletic scholarship may not always cover the expenses of books, computer program fees, food, and housing. College athletes should be paid because they’re working a full-time job. If the average NCAA college football player in Division One spends over 40 hours a week on their game, then they are working the same amount as those in full-time employment do. These hours are distributed over training sessions, games, travel and other required sessions that student athletes must attend in order to remain on the team and keep their full scholarship (Top). The majority of these student athletes cannot qualify for work study or apply for off campus job because of their busy

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