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  • Pros And Cons Of Athletic Scholarships

    are considering getting rid of athletic scholarships. Many athletes depend on these scholarships to be able to attend college and without these scholarships, furthering their education and reaching their athletic goals would be impossible. Scholarships are awarded for excelling in certain aspects of a student’s career, and athletics is a huge part of this for some students. While many think of academic standing as the main cause for awarding scholarships, high achievements in athletics should not be forgotten. These athletic scholarships are beneficial to students in several ways including higher performance levels academically and athletically, relieves the amount of debt for students to owe, relieves financial burdens from the families of students receiving the scholarships and using drug testing to help lower the amount of college students abusing drugs. I believe that athletic scholarships should always be awarded to serious athletes who commit themselves, not only in their chosen sports, but academically as well. Across the United States, many families…

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  • Athletic Scholarship Benefits

    While people like Miles Brand, the head of the NCAA like to show donors the student athletes receive the best of both worlds, an athletic scholarship and an opportunity to play college sports, athletes say that’s far from the truth. Athletes say they have to choose to focus on their education or their sport. Often times, if an athlete places too much importance on their education, they risk losing their academic scholarship. The all or nothing commitment of sports needs to change. When it comes…

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  • The Importance Of Equality In Sports

    It was the beginning of the school year, and all the seniors were getting stressed about college. Many of the boys that played sports had received scholarships to go play in college, but very few girls were getting good scholarships to places they wanted to go. One of the girls had been a varsity basketball player all four years of high school and she always started on the team, but she was not getting the scholarships she deserved. She was always working hard and practicing on and off season to…

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  • Joplin Junior College Case Study

    (Focus on the Faculty). The cost, on some people, is very important when choosing a college to attend. At Missouri Southern, scholarships and financial aid are offered to those who qualify. Incoming freshman are able to receive many different types of scholarships. The Presidential Scholarship ($1,750 per year) and Excellence Scholarship ($1,300 per year) are based on the student 's index score which is a combination of their ACT score, and their GPA or class rank. The Evans Scholarship…

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  • College Athlete Benefits

    will want to become a professional one day, but some use the scholarship to their advantage to help in school. College athletes are some of the most intense players in all of amateur and professional sports. These college players are even sometimes better than some professional player in their prime time in college. These college players play their hearts out to make it professionally, so that they can eventually get paid for doing something they love. These athletes receive many awards over…

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  • Exemplification Essay: The Benefits Of A College Education

    any more. I am going to have to tighten up my money and my lifestyle, get every scholarship that I can find and pick a career that makes good money if I don 't want to be saddled with my college debt for the rest of my life. The first step that I will have to take towards financial security through college is severely limiting my spending and lifestyle. I am not going to be driving a Hummer around in college, and I have to be Alright with that. While college students are not known as the…

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  • The Importance Of Paying In College

    their family. Some financial packages do includes loans, but that does not mean that a student has to borrow the full loan amount that the package offers. Another type is the federal parent loan. This is away from parent to borrow money for their children. The last resort should be a private loan from a bank or any other financial institution because they generally come with more interest (“Pay for College”). Student loans are considered good credit due to the fact that there are lower interest…

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  • Public Colleges Vs Private Colleges Essay

    Many students typically receive merit-based scholarships for academic achievements although some can be awarded for special talents or other personal characteristics. If I could give advice to high school students, I would tell them to start searching for scholarship opportunities early instead of waiting to get to college or their senior year like I did. Before going to the need-based aid which is awarded to a student on the basis of financial need, they should always look at the merit- based…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Want To Go To College

    My mom’s friend told me about how her son did not have to pay a dime out of out his own money because he just used scholarship money he was given. I did not really know much about scholarships to be able to find them on my own but I knew I wanted to see if I could get any scholarships. I went to the financial aid office looking for help to find scholarships for spring semester, but my experience with the financial aid office was very unpleasing. I went in and asked if I could make an…

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  • Case Study: Should College Athletes Get Paid

    But not all colleges give out a scholarships. Colleges and universities are separated into three different type of divisions. You have a division 1, 2, and 3 schools. The difference between these schools is the size of the school. Typically a D1 school has the typical minimum of 14 sports. Division 1 schools give out more scholarships compared to division 2 schools because the school can afford it. Whether or not you keep the scholarship completely depends on how you perform on the field and in…

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