The Importance Of Equality In Sports

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It was the beginning of the school year, and all the seniors were getting stressed about college. Many of the boys that played sports had received scholarships to go play in college, but very few girls were getting good scholarships to places they wanted to go. One of the girls had been a varsity basketball player all four years of high school and she always started on the team, but she was not getting the scholarships she deserved. She was always working hard and practicing on and off season to improve to the best of her ability. A boy that received a scholarship to play basketball, did not even come close to working as hard as she did, but he still got to go to college for free for his game. There was nothing she could do about this though …show more content…
First, Title IX made many more chances for girls (“Playing but Losing: Women’s Sports After Title IX”). Even though Title IX has more girls playing these sports, the rights they are receiving are far worse than boys or men that play. Girls should still be receiving the same rights as boys because they are both just trying to have fun and learn new things at young ages. At older ages, teenagers should receive same rights because they are juggling school, house chores, and playing sports that they love very much. Secondly, Title IX made sure the money for sports was equally split between males and females (“Cover Kids And A Few More Things To Think About (Cover Story)”). This is a great start of making women have more rights. However, women still do not receive full equality. The money is still being split unevenly and resulting in many mad people that are pushing for these rights to become equal. Third, many women may be much smaller and weaker than men, and not be able to lift as much weight or run as fast as men (Wood). Many women are very fast and strong, and play the sports better than some males that are playing these sports that the women play. Even if these women are slower or not as strong, they can still play the sports they love and excellent. Many women are always overlooked for being weak and slow when they really are not and they can still compete at these levels. With women being strong and fast they should not be over looked because they are better than many other players, but their hearts and dedication. In other words, females should get the same rights in sports because Title IX has given more money to make these things equal and few feel like people think they are good enough to

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