Gender Inequity In Sports Essay

Gender Inequity Circulated from Female and Male Athletes Salaries Throughout America, the stereotype females are faced with in sports is that men can outperform them in almost any sport, therefore, resulting in women to receive less pay in salary. Gender inequity, which is the unequal treatment of individuals based off their gender, has been around for centuries. It has been an issue in a variety of topics and a major problem in sports salaries. Due to the gender inequity in sports history where men were the first ones who started to play, it is hard to break a cycle where the mass majority undermines women when it comes to sports. There are a variety of solutions in order to have women receive equal salaries as men, but to begin the push …show more content…
With more audiences attending women’s events, the team’s revenue will increase and networks/television channels will want to broadcast the games, making women sports events more popular to the viewers. And with that said, as the players start to obtain more notice, their salary will also increase from popularity and companies that want to advertise them. In the article, “Champion Women,” by Nancy Makar, she states that there are already some companies that are starting up that will “lead targeted efforts to aggressively advocate for equality, accountability, and transparency by these institutions with an underlying philosophy that sports opportunities are vehicles to improve the lives of girls and women” (Makar). Champion Women is an organization that raises awareness for women in the sport industry. The companies that advocate for female athletes can use all the help they need to prove a point. In order to start having female athletes pay raise, there needs to be more companies like Champion Women who are willing to take the time to change this gender inequity, with or without the peoples

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