College Athletes Should Be Paid: Article Analysis

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“There 's hungry nights where I 'm not able to eat,” said Shabazz Napier, college basketball player for the University of Connecticut who is on an athletic scholarship (Sherman). While his tuition is paid, he cannot afford to eat dinner on occasion. Athletes dedicate all their time into sports and don’t have time for for the essential things like eating. They are isolated from all the regular students and only travel in groups among other athletes. Also, the students rarely see their family and friends. As Jake New states,” 52 percent of college players believe they are going pro. In reality only 2 percent actually make it”(New). Michael Lewis also speaks on the matter, arguing,” College athletes are isolated from the real students who are …show more content…
That leaves a whopping 98 percent with crushed dreams and without the best education. Even though they 've completed college, they have nothing to show for it. David Petina speaks on how poorly they are prepared for life after college in his article. He states,” Many college athletes are poorly prepared for life after college is something that few will dispute. Some experts have gone as far as saying that most college stars are unprepared for anything but a professional sports career that only two to three percent of them will ever achieve” (Petina). Some also don 't make it because of injury. About 25 percent have severe injury and about 13 percent have minor injuries that prevent them from playing for at least 10 days. The money athletes receive could one day come in handy when they feel they wasted their education or lose their scholarship because of injury. Rebecca Kumar came up with solution to athletes who are considered dumb jocks and could dismiss that stereotype forever. The athletes should have specific education tracks. Meaning some professors who would teach around the athletes practice schedule to make sure they get a much needed education. Thus, the gender role emerges in all this talk of paying college …show more content…
“It’s because there is no case law yet, there are no clear answers. Legal precedent would be dictated by any future Title IX complaints due to new benefits for male players. Practical answers have already been voiced by some conference commissioners, university presidents and athletic directors, who say paying players could result in women 's sports and non-revenue men 's sports being cut”said Jon Solomon, an NCAA critic (Solomon). Women follow in men’s footsteps in a lot of things. This great debate might actually help young women to get paid too. Women sports never make as much as the men 's sports. Women’s soccer league professionals get paid paid little to nothing and they grind and take risks on that field too. They undermine women’s sports and make a mockery of them when they play. They do as much as they next guy and don 't make squat. This speaks for itself, if college athletes get paid maybe it would be a way to get women’s sports back on the map.
Speaking of money, wonder how much does each sport bring in annually? Each sport brings in at least 500 thousand annually. Just this year the men 's basketball tournament brought in $7.71 million. Think that 's a lot former Oregon QB Marcus Mariota jersey sales were over $100 thousand and they sale 25 different jerseys. Michael Wilburn flips his opinion on the argument because of so much revenue is being generated in an article he submitted

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