Why Do Student Athletes Get Paid

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Out of all of the Division I student-athletes, approximately 53 percent of them have a scholarship of some sort. College athletics are becoming more and more popular each year. Along with the rise in popularity that these collegiate sports have, is an increase in revenue. The issue that is constantly coming up with colleges, specifically regarding sports in this day and age, is the question of whether or not college athletes deserve to get paid. The NCAA currently does not have a plan to pay student athletes, and neither do the schools that comprise it. There is a thought that because the student athletes work about the same or even more than the average worker, they should be paid for it. Scholarships that the student athlete receives do …show more content…
This can be seen as common, but not so much to the average student athlete due to the fact they are on some sort of scholarship. This scholarship covers most, if not all, of there costly tuition. First and foremost, an education in college is more of a benefit than any sport someone may play. When an athlete is choosing a school, they must understand that their decision to go to school is ultimately their own personal choice. The scholarship that they receive will get them further than any money that they would be receiving for a couple years in college. This is due to that fact that most jobs now a days require the employee to receive a degree from college. These student athletes are not just receiving a free education and the oppor-tunity to play a sport, but while they are at school they receive resources and perks to help them succeed when needed (Malone 2). While getting college paid for is a tremendous burden lifted off these student athletes shoulders, it does not quite cover the cost of living outside of school. Athletes should earn the right to make money any way they can, whether it is endorsements, per-sonal merchandise, etc. (Wilbon 1). Student athletes are usually unable to get a job during season because on average these athletes devote approximately 43 hours a week, which is more than the average work week, just on their respective sport (Benedykciuk 1). What the NCAA and schools are doing is using players as money makers for their will and giving nothing in return (Carter 1). Athletes and critics of not paying the athletes have to realize that signing a letter of intent and attending college is totally up to the individual. Beyond the money aspect for a scholarship re-veals the importance through knowledge and jump starts careers beyond college. Student athletes are called student athletes for a reason, student comes first as

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