The Importance Of Paying College Athletes

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Should college athletes be paid for playing? No, they should not because they are already getting scholarships, the colleges might not be able to afford to pay them, and because playing the sport is not a job. Athletes are already getting scholarships, do they really need or deserve to get paid as well? They only play for one season a year, but the scholarships help them all year round, so why do they deserve even more money during the season. Besides, they are not only getting to play a sport they probably really enjoy, but they also get to travel free around the country, be on TV regularly, and maybe even get looked at by professional sports teams. Thanks to the colleges, the students are making a name for themselves which will only help them in the future. …show more content…
Although sports do make them lots of money, the colleges spend most of that money on the athlete’s scholarship, getting them each of them to places all over the country, paying for their nice uniforms and coaches, and building their stadiums. The athletes are still students, why should they get paid for doing a sport at college? Other students don’t get paid for getting good grades or winning some sort of award in a club. Playing a sport while your still in high school isn’t a job, it is a hobby. Professional sports player have warm up seasons and practice almost every day plus games. College sports don’t have nearly that much because the athletes have classes and homework. For most of these students, the sport is their way into college, not the other way around. No, college athletes should not be paid because it would not help the college and might negatively affect the

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