Summary: Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Should NCAA athletes be paid by Alexis molina

I fully think that NCAA athletes should be paid for their effort on their college team. College athletics have gained immense popularity among Americans over the past few decades. This has resulted into increased in a lot of money for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the participating colleges, which has sparked the debate of whether college athletes should be given money beyond their athletic scholarships but I think they should get paid for the following reason they should be paid because without the players that risk injuries on the team the association would not make the money they do now and their coaches get paid but why not them and most importantly students after
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This is because of the myth of amateur athletes, Fans who think its wrong to be paying athletes frequently refer to the "free education" student-athletes receive and, indeed there is some value to what they learn on campus however the education is conditioned on their health and success which always comes second to athletics. If a student athlete is hurt or unsuccessful, the coaches and administrators suddenly discard the noble ideals of "education" and a player is left with nothing. Fans would no doubt feel differently about the issue if a student-athlete were in their own family. Moreover, no one mentions the lifetime of health care bills that await some student-athletes in contact sports. How can a "free education" compensate them for debilitating injuries caused during their time on campus? And how can we as fans truly enjoy a football game knowing that one player's career-ending injury will leave him saddled with nothing more than a lifetime of pain and doctor's bills? This is why NCAA athletes should be paid because they risk their bodies every time they play a game for example when we watched a movie in class about NCAA athletes their was this guy which had injured himself very badly in the game of football and after the injuries he could not play football because he was paralyzed which caused him not to be able to play and that pretty much ruined his life. The college even told his parents that he would be very taken care

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