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  • The Negative Effects Of Title IX

    developed a highly interested in the athletic opportunities in colleges. Title IX provided a standard for athletics around the world by education, health, and social aspect. Title IV purposes are to discrimination of sex, racism and provides equal opportunities and funding for athletic participation. Some critics argue that Title IX has a negative impact on sport due to possible causes of the reduction in opportunities for men to participate in collegiate athletics, however, title IX has affected on the opportunities for growth in women 's athletics, but the increase in opportunities will affect the men athletics outcome of opportunities due to cutting of programs and money issue. The women interested have gained attention to the College and university athletic departments.As Title IX allowed women to afford the tuition of universities through academic and athletic scholarships, the chances for women in college athletics has increased to 42 percent in 2000-2001 from 15 percent in 1972 (). As the Title IX has increased growth in athletics, the issue Has raised about doing Men athletic effect in losing sport interested and etc. In the studied of “What Do I Think About Title IX?” Voices From a University…

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  • Gender Equity In Sports Research

    perspective. Buysse, J. A., & Wolter, S. (2013). Gender Representation in 2010 NCAA Division I Media Guides: The Battle for Equity was only Temporarily Won. Journal Of Issues In Intercollegiate Athletics, 61-21. 2. Two major themes emerge from myriad studies of media coverage of female athletes at all levels across media over the past thirty-five years of sport research. These include the idea that female athletes are underrepresented in terms of amount of coverage compared to male athletes…

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  • Gender Roles In Women's Sports

    American womanhood, fans only accepting athletes who meet the “white beauty queen” standard and athletic competition being seen as being a men’s activity. Before looking at why there is a contrast between the growth in the participation of women in athletics and the difference in popularity between women’s and men’s sports, it is useful to look at the contrast itself. The growth in women’s…

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  • Student Athlete Benefits

    Athletics have been a part of colleges for over a century, but are they really worth all the time and money that they are given? It is a common myth that college athletic programs bring in tons of money for their school, but in reality, most athletic programs do not make enough money to support themselves. The main purpose of attending any school is to receive an education and become prepared for the real world. That is something often forgotten by student-athletes and schools themselves.…

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  • The Importance Of Hazing In College Culture

    hazing has altered the college culture. Hazing has become a prevalent topic that is a major debate among college and universities. Each year that there isn’t an action taken against it, the amounts of deaths that come from it rise. Hazing is the act of torturing, forcing people against their wills, and humiliating them until they feel unworthy, or until they get very hurt. There have been a multitude of awful incidents that arose in different fraternities, as well as in other clubs and…

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  • Analysis On Why Student Athletes Should Be Paid

    for their talents and dedication towards their school have increased in popularity over the past few years. Some people believe college athletes should be paid because they spend many hours per week dedicated towards their sport. However, highly recruited athletes already collect free clothes, electronics, and other perks for signing or visiting a school. If the NCAA decided to pay these athletes, the competitiveness of these sports would fluctuate. Student-Athletes inherit zero debt, which…

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  • College Athletes Research Paper

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association is an amazing non-profit organizations that help athletes make their dreams come true. This is including the nearly 2.7 billion dollars of scholarships given this year ( While college athletes are bringing in thousands of dollars they see none of it for their hard work. According to, NCAA is a member led organization whose purpose is to focus on the well-being and success of college athletes. While the NCAA may say they focus on…

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  • Persuasive Essay On College Athletes

    College athletics are huge in the United States of America; sports on a college campus help bring athletes and the student body closer together. Most states in America do not have a professional sports team and most of the state 's citizens devote themselves to their local sports team by endorsing them and purchasing various things that make them somewhat closer to the team. There is a huge issue on whether college athletes should be paid or should they just remain with the way things are…

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  • Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

    about and controversial topics within college sports since the past decade is should college NCAA athletes be compensated? While this topic has really heated up in recent years, the term education or exploitation seems to accumulate. College athletes have often been exploited for their talents rather than receiving a profitable education. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a billion dollar organization that is responsible for regulating college athletes and athletic programs…

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  • College Athletes Should Be Paid To Play

    Jim Putman & Aubrey Badlam ENGL101- Prof. Yu “College Athletes Should Be Paid To Play” One of the biggest debates in sports is whether college athletes also referred to, as student-athletes” should be paid to play their sport. Since its inception in 1906, the National Collegiate Athletes Association (NCAA) has limited the amount that a student-athlete can be compensated. The opinions that we express for paying student-athletes are formulated on the basis of paying Division I and II…

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