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  • Reflective Essay On Diction

    really tighten the main clause. Also, with the same example, I detailed as much as possible to have the reader understand the importance of the point that I stated. Adding to my weak points, my ability to create an announced thesis was really hard for me. The thesis was a way to let the reader know what they’re about to read and if it would interest them, but for me it was hard to make it happen on my own papers. Especially on my first paper, being the Narrative essay, I just went straight on the topic without giving an idea of what it is my reader is about to read. Also, I tend to use colloquial terms within my writing since I wasn’t used to writing in an informal matter. But, now after much practice with writing and understanding colloquialism I have the confidence to catch myself if I were to write a colloquial term within any of my upcoming papers. Alongside that, from learning to use databases to refine my papers I learnt the value of research and how to induct my writing as such. Research became the pinnacle of all my writings, and when using careful research citations always came into play and helped to give credit to the original publisher. Citations help to represent my crucial research process and to show what different databases I used to conduct in my writing. To quote one of my papers,” A quote from the play about Claudius says," that incestuous, that adulterate beast" (1.5.42) this statement clearly shows the resentment towards Claudius”. Within this quote I…

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  • Slang Speech

    What does slang mean? If you look in a dictionary you will find the meaning of "Slang" which is " very informal in vocabulary and idiom that is characteristically more metaphorical, playfull, elliptical, vivid, and ephemeral than ordinary language." Slang can be found in everywhere around the world because it is part of the colloquial language that people use everyday, the expressions that you use to communicate with others. Have you ever asked to your self if foreign people understand what…

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  • Colloquialism In Huckleberry Finn

    In a modern world where nearly every effort is made to absolve, reconcile, and forget racism, it is understandable that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is controversial for its frequent use of the word “nigger.” However, in a literary world where content is revered over substance and such colloquialisms are seen as authentic, the plot of the novel is more controversial than any word imaginable. Throughout the novel, Huck Finn and his escaped-slave companion, Jim, travel down the Mississippi…

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  • Colloquialism In Salinger's Catcher In The Rye

    people in the military at this time could agree with the horrible conditions This also helped them capture the attention of old veterans through its use of slang and relate to them how their morals only increased when they were away from the war. As well, Holden uses his own form of colloquialism to portray an immature youth of past in Catcher In The Rye. Holden uses many types of immature vocab such as, “Backasswards vomity strictly for the birds” (Salinger). Backasswards is his own…

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  • Standard English Sign Language (ASL)

    Standard English Grammar takes priority in teaching from kindergarten to college and university. The Standard English Grammar sets rules on the way both professional and nonprofessional writing is conducted; these rules place priority on the structure of a sentence, where punctuation is placed, and consistent tenses. While the issue of consistent verb tenses within writing is valid, the punctuation and structure of a sentence itself should not have priority over what is “good” and “bad” writing…

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  • Analysis Of Self Hatred And The Bullsh '

    philosophical questions are explored by the host, Christina Pazsitzky, in her comedic style. She employs personal anecdotes, colloquialisms, and satire to adequately drive her arguments and create an entertaining podcast. At the start of each podcast, Pazsitzky tells a story from her personal life. She uses personal anecdotes to connect her life to the philosophical question she intends to unpack and answer. In “Self Hatred and the Bullsh*t of the Self Esteem Movement”, she begins with a story…

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  • Hostility In Care

    overwhelmed by it. Formality of Style & Humour & Colloquialisms: In some situations, humour is suitable, for example to help a patient to relax. Also, humour can be used practitioner-to-practitioner to distract them from the negative things happening in the antenatal ward (illness, etc.) However, humour isn’t suitable and does not help in some situations. For example, if a practitioner uses humour while talking about a client’s condition, it may give the impression they are uncaring and not…

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  • The Sacrifice Of Soldiers In Wilfred Owen's Inspection

    Blood is a sacrifice when it comes to fighting in war. "Inspection" written by Wilfred Owen explores the idea of a soldier who comes to uniform inspection with a blood stain and yet, these blood stains are from the hard battle he had fought in the war. The poem presents the idea of the way soldiers are treated, blood being treated as dirt, and the sacrifice soldiers have to make in war. Through the use of diction, allusion, metaphor and colloquialism, Owen has explained the blood which is shed…

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  • Change In Language

    Although prescriptive language should balance the influence of descriptive language, it is also important to allow a portion of bleed-over in order to preserve the actual history of a culture. The evidence of colloquialism and coining new words builds the Grammatical Lexicon in such a way to improve it, rather than dilute it. Shakespeare is the best evidence of conversions becoming epic in a culture. Coloring the language with cinematic writing to present realism and adding dimensions to a flat…

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  • Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time

    He is baffled by phrases, such as “I laughed my socks off” (Haddon 15) and does not understand why someone would speak in this way. In Christopher’s case, he does not have an encounter with a police officer where he is completely confused by the officer’s word choice, but there were many other instances that he was confused by choice in language. This is a similar case for many other adults or children with autism spectrum disorder and it is important that law enforcement officials and first…

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