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  • Homer Doctorow Analysis

    Doctorow depicts the possibilities in the life of a blind protagonist, Homer Collyer. Although Homer discerns darkness in a negative connotation, darkness can only be seen and sight is not the only sense for humans. Thus, blindness does not replace the senses or disconnect the Collyer brothers from the world. In a passage on page 159, Langley Collyer’s theory of replacement enables Homer to explore the advantages of his disability which include interacting with the world in a different perspective to maintain his valuable memories, developing positive views about his disability and adapting to other senses. Doctorow incorporates Langley’s…

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  • Similarities Between The Matrix And Allegory Of The Cave

    To find the answer to the metaphysical question ‘What is real?” has been a philosopher’s intention for years. The Matrix, directed by Andy Wachowski and the written text, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave revolves around the concept of replying to this question. These two mediums share more similarities than differences. The Matrix as well as the Allegory of the Cave shares the concept of acceptance and broadening ones senses, the desire to learn, and having the knowledge to realize when one is in…

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  • The Politically Correct Story Of Hansel And Gretel

    Many variations of the same folktale can be found in different parts of the world, adapted to suit the culture and values of the people who listen to and tell them. Hansel and Gretel is the story of two young children who fall into a trap after getting lost in the woods. The most well-known version of this tale is Hansel and Gretel, a story that originated in Germany and was published by the Brothers Grimm in 1857 but is said to have originated in the 13th century. Old Grule is an 1889 variation…

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  • Stereotypes In Big Brother

    Reality television is known for multiple stereotypes that surround it and most of the shows go along with them. These stereotypes include but are not limited to; being confined into one specific space or location, a certain of number people from multiple demographics and backgrounds, and having some type of motivator, usually monetary. The reality show, “Big Brother” follows all of these stereotypes but also brings a type of relevance to its viewers. Following the guidelines from the novel,…

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  • Gender Ideas In Peter Brooks's All-Kinds-Of-Fur

    Fairy tales’ economic length and straightforward lessons provide gender-related developmental paradigms with not only the pervasive patriarchal view as noted by Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar, but also the limited yet empowering vision of females. The female protagonist in All-Kinds-of-Fur in Brothers Grimm 's collection displays what at first appears to be a passive, objectified female personality, which a prominent narratologist Peter Brooks points out in his book Reading for the Plot;…

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  • The Theme Of Marriage And Murder In Susan Glaspell's Trifles

    From Marriage to Murder Susan Glaspell’s “Trifles” is the perfect example of what happens to a person when they are driven to the edge of their sanity. Just how much can one person take before they snap? In this short but intense play-turned-story, we read about an unhappy marriage, murder and the possible motive behind it. The play has five different main characters who are standing in the now abandoned Wrights farmhouse. George Henderson, the county attorney, Henry Peters, the sheriff, his…

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  • The Fisherman And His Wife Analysis

    The Fisherman and His Wife Fairy tales have always played an important role in the lives of people around the globe. These tales allow both children and adults to escape from the monotonous world, and travel back in time and experience extraordinary adventures alongside their favorite heroes and heroines such as Rapunzel, Peter Pan, Prince Charming, and of course Cinderella. These stories feed on childlike imagination, providing an oasis of creativity and wonder in the midst of one’s mundane…

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  • Disney Fairy Tales: Disney Vs. Grimm Brothers

    Fairy Tales: Disney vs Grimm Brothers Everyone at some point has seen or heard of the Disney fairy tales such as the well-known Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and so on and so forth. However, what you might not know is where these stories originated from. A majority of Disney’s stories are an adaption of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales which aren’t nearly as heartwarming as Disney portrays them as. However, how do the two stories compare and contrast to one another? The major similarities and…

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  • The Cinderella Story By Charles Perrault And The Grimm Brothers

    Each version of the tale was influenced by the time in history that it was told or written down. Two popular versions of this tale were written by the Grimm Brothers in in 1634 and Charles Perrault in 1697. The two versions of the Cinderella story by Charles Perrault and the Grimm Brothers differ in the plot and its message to the audience. The plots of the two different folktales of Cinderella differ in type of help the main character receives to overcome the obstacles and hardships in her…

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  • The Disneyfication Of The Grimms Fairy Tales Essay

    Mackenzie Myers Stephanie Webster ENGL 240 8 November 2014 The Disneyfication of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales The topic of this research paper is to explore the Grimm Fairy Tales in pop culture, the disneyfication of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales as well as feminism of princesses in modern adaptations of the tales movies. The authors were two brothers from Germany, Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. The brothers are well known for their collection of fairy tales but many people don’t know the origins of the…

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