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  • Double-Interpretation In Elizabeth Bishop's 'Love Lies Sleeping'

    (or en dash, but Bishop seems to avoid them). These, combined with her profuse use of apostrophes, gives her a sort of meandering feel, sometimes side tracking for entire stanzas (Stanza 5, line 2 to end stanza 6, and stanza 7 to mid-way through stanza 8, line 1). Both parentheticals in this poem are a just sentences wrapped in parentheses, giving them an odd status of not quite sentence, but also not an aside. At least to me, it reads like a stage whisper, something that you were just barely supposed to hear. For comparison, an em dash would have had the effect of making it seem like an after thought, and commas would 've been awkward because there are too many commas in between. Her colon and semi-colon use is also strange, stanza two starting with a semi-colon, followed eight words later by a colon that introduces a list with two things in it. The sentence they are in is a full two and a half stanzas long, the longest in the poem. Despite the length, the sentence still feels relatively short, since the amount and variation of punctuation breaks the sentence up. Another result of the variation of punctuation is the subsequent ambiguity of interpretation (I personally love this feature, and have absolutely zero idea how to replicate it). One way of reading it is a friend, out of breath, is excitedly telling you something, too caught up in relating the experience to stop to breath, let alone for punctuation. Another, more cynical, view is to see it as a drunk rambling on…

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  • Ethnographic Interview

    Furthermore, the medication prescribed to her by this doctor does not completely eliminate the inflammation and irritation caused by ulcerative colitis, but only lessens the condition. However, not taking the pills may eventually result in the tearing of Missy’s large intestine lining and an even more expensive surgery. To satisfy a full dose, Missy has to take six pills on a daily basis. A 90-pill bottle costs $60 with insurance, meaning that $120 only gets her one month’s worth of medication.…

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  • George Hall Case Study Essay

    George Hall is a 49-year-old male who is a practicing Hindu. After being diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer, he had a surgical colon resection. Currently Mr. Hall is 36 hours post-operation, on a clear liquid diet, and continuing intravenous fluid replacement. Upon the return of bowel sounds, his diet will progress to continuous tube feedings through a nasogastric tube. The constant pace of continuous feedings will prevent risks of intolerance and aspiration of the formula. Progression of…

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  • Ulcerative Colitis Research Paper

    These ulcers will cause discomfort and ultimately lead to emptying the colon many times in a day.” (“Crohn 's & Colitis,” (n.d.). Ulcerative Colitis is a form of Irritable Bowel Disease; not to be confused with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The difference between the two being that IBD causes inflammation of the bowels and can lead to tiredness and rectal bleeding; whereas IBS does not cause inflammation, fatigue, or rectal bleeding. Ulcerative Colitis only affects the lining of the large intestine;…

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  • Colorectal Cancer Essay

    Under normal physiological conditions, the function of the colon and the rectum is responsible for the very last phase of digestion. Water is absorbed from the digested material (mostly liquid at this point) by the colon to form stool. Subsequently, the dehydrated stool then moves into the rectum for storage until signals are sent for its expulsion from the anus (Silverthorn, 2012). When carcinomas occur in either the colon or the rectum, they are collectively labeled as colorectal cancer.…

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  • Why Students Get Grades Essay

    Causes for Students do not get the Grade they want. Nowadays, education is necessary for everyone. For this reason, it is important for students to do a good job in school, high school, but the main one is the university. Because, after they get a degree they will get a job. Considering this, it is basic that students get good grades. But in many cases, learners may not understand that the courses they are taking are now the most important. They use their time to do other things, and they do…

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  • Reflection On Ina's Writing Task

    The writing task with Ina took place in her classroom on the rug where they usually sit on to learn and practice Fundations. She happily participated and it took about 20 minutes as she was also drawing along with writings. I gave her a piece of prompted paper, pencils, eraser, and crayons, I allowed her to write about anything she wants. She first draw a pictures and then wrote about it. : Ina gets 4 for idea because her idea is narrowed. She is only talking about a unicorn. She is giving…

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  • Colon Cancer: Causes And Treatment Of Colon Cancer

    Colon cancer is also called colorectal cancer; it is a cancer of the digestive system, it affects any part of the colon. This type of cancer begins in cells that make and release mucus and other fluids. In most cases, there are not any early symptoms of the disease, that is why it is especially important to obtain a colonoscopy. However, some individuals may experience constipation, diarrhea, or changes in bowel movements that last longer than average. An individual may feel tired, experience…

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  • Colon Purging Research Paper

    Utilizing a colon chemical can prompt to a great deal of positive advantages for your body. To take in more about colon purifying, there are numerous online entries and locales that will give you the data you require. Some of these sites even give you well ordered directions for cleaning the colon. One of the great things you ought to know is that your colon resemble a wipe, and is equipped for engrossing a lot of poisons in a given time. Colon purging Type: Colon purging, or detoxification,…

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  • Narrative Essay: Colon Screening

    Why bother finishing the test? Then Kate thought to herself: “Y’know… It’d be kinda stupid to die just because I didn’t want to finish a test.” Kate called up her doctor, scheduled the colonoscopy, called her boss to take time off of work. This time, She told the doctor to knock her out with anesthesia. No bailing out this time. Well, good news, it was a good idea to finish her colon screening. Bad news? You know what's worse than getting cancer once? Getting cancer twice. There were two tumors…

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