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  • Colonel Reb As The Mascot: A Case Study

    XI. The Removal of Colonel Reb as the Mascot The progression of the University’s image began in 1997 with the ban of the Confederate flag in the football stadium by, then Chancellor Robert Khayat. This was the result then Athletic Director, Pete Boone and student leaders who approved a resolution asking Ole Miss fans to stop waving Rebel flags at athletic events. In an interview Boone stated that the flag hurt recruitment (Cabell, 1997). "I mean, we 've got a great university here, a great academic program, and we 're being held back from a national perspective because of this Confederate flag,” said Boone (Cabell, 1997). Khayat agreed stating that every head coach prior to Boone reported that the Confederate flag was used against them in…

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  • Character Analysis: The Once And Future King

    As a merlin, he learns to respect those around him, regardless of him agreeing with them. Merlyn teaches this lesson by describing the regiment of birds, “She is the honorary colonel of the regiment. And as for Cully, well, he is a colonel too, even if he is infantry, so you must mind your p’s and q’s” (White 70). This quote demonstrates what he learns because even though Cully is of lower status, he still respects him. He also learns to trust his knowledge and instincts in difficult situations.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Leadership Skills

    Introduction: This report will be focused on leadership and see how two individual used their leadership skills to deliver a complex military project. Leadership is simply defined as having followers who believe in your vision and goals. In this report, we see how Lieutenant Colonel Yaron and Lieutenant Colonel Daniel exhibited their leadership skill and see the Pros and Cons of their leadership styles. I will also talk about how their leadership styles would have faired if the projects were to…

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  • Ole Miss History

    different countries. Besides, something innovative is that at the medical center of the university, performed from the surgeons the first worldwide lung and heart transplant in 1963 and respectively in 1964. Like every university in America has its mascot, Ole Miss has also its specific one. The Colonel Reb, which was a white bearded Southern plantation owner, was for more than 70 years the university's mascot. Because of the southern history and the pressure from African – American…

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  • Racism In Sons Of Mississippi

    This flag is also called the rebel flag, the Dixie flag and the Southern Cross replacing the old Magnolia flag. The stigma that has been attached to the fabric of its existence has left more than Mississippians full of heartfelt pain, but anywhere the flag is waved its only symbolic representation to the African-American population is hatred. The night before all the chaos struck, “Ross Barnett…stood at the fifty-yard line as the world’s largest Confederate flag was unfurled.” (150) Ole Miss is…

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