Color space

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  • Color Analysis Lab Report

    Introduction In color reproduction, gamut or the color gamut is a certain complete subset of colors, which can be accurately represented in a given circumstance such as given color space [1]. In another words gamut literally means the total range of possibilities that can be accomplished from red, green and blue (RGB) for a particular device [2]. If certain color cannot be reproduced accurately there is a way how to calculate the color difference by adequately describing the color by numerical values. Delta E (∆E) is the mathematical difference between two samples and is computed as distance in CIELAB space between two colors. The CIELAB color space is used as the basis of most color difference systems because the axes of CIELAB are orthogonal, color difference can be defined as the distance in three dimensional space between the coordinates for two colors [3].…

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  • Importance Of Computers In Computer Science

    my own software, making the cold code alive, I felt on top of the world. Although it is not flawless, our MOOC have basic functions and friendly user interface thanks to bootstrap and jquery, and the feedbacks given by our classmates are extremely high and positive. Blended with the solid academic abilities and passion in coding and research, I further released my potential by involving in an innovation program which focused on reverse image search in junior year. It was quite a hard time for…

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  • When I Put My Hands On Your Body Poem Analysis

    of skeletons laid out on their rocky graves, yet Wojnarowicz has deliberately opted to obscure the image behind a wall of text. The foreground is composed of a blood-red text that encapsulates the narrative of “When I Put My Hands on Your Body.” The color of the red text placed against the dark backdrop renders the print virtually unreadable, yet the sheer size of the text block demands consideration by dominating a majority of the canvas. As the foreground and background vie for the viewer’s…

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  • Art Analysis: The Descent Of Christ Into Limbo

    In the first painting, The Descent of Christ into Limbo, the artist uses his/her ability to create a lot of space within one painting. The painting is not symmetrical but is very complex. The artist desired to show the viewers his/her talents by creating different stories. In order to do this, the artist generates the feeling of looking out of a window which gives the viewers an illusion of standing right in front of Christ. The artist does this by being very detailed and clear at the bottom of…

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  • The Importance Of Color In Architecture

    those arts which is color I think what characterize the architecture are the compact components with each other and the make up of the architectural layout and the physical structure , Starting from the surface of the components of texture and color and the end of its components in the form of mass and vacuum. We will illustrate the physical structure of the work of the architect of during one of the elements of this structure, namely color. Color has its latent strength and apparent ability…

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  • Four Wooden Sculpture Analysis

    Asia department, has a two visual elements, shape and space. This art piece has organic shape where there is the wavy form of water and bodies of two fish. These two organic shapes contribute to the piece as they exist in the same environment. In Buddhism art, fish in water represent happiness because they are free to swim in the water. This 3D piece has a geometric circle shape that connects every piece of the ornament together, including the water and fish. The artwork leaves areas of holes…

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  • Hiba Kalache Analysis

    the moments of anxiety in her art. In her description of her work, Kalache talks about psychogeorgraphies and she explains that it’s how a person relates to the environment or the space that surrounds him or her and expresses this relation in a painting. Hiba Kalache’s diptych is a beautiful chaos. It is a beautiful painting to look at but it’s one of the paintings that makes you want to analyze it and the more you analyze it the more you will find meanings and explanations. This diptych…

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  • Art Summary: The Unicorn Is Found

    The harmony of this piece pleases to the observer’s eye, and the color and use of space are the main attributes of this tapestry. While color and the use of space are the main contributions, there are many secondary elements incorporated in The Unicorn Is Found. All elements and principles, each equally important, almost always derive from one another. One can only imagine the amount of time and dedication it took for the artist or artists of this piece to hand-weave each individual thread, and…

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  • Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians

    The elements used to describe Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso include line, shape, color, and value. This picture displays many irregular lines. This is done to display a picture straying from the ordinary image one would have of musicians. The lines mainly appear organic, like the line in the face of the middle musician because he is not proportionate and the instrument the left musician is playing. Shape can be seen both organic and geometric in this image to unite the musicians together. The…

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  • Willard Metcalf's The Convalescent

    placement and the colors used to draw a viewer’s eye to her. By using her as the subject matter, it creates a piece that is transformed into something more meaningful with its content, or the overall meaning of why Willard Metcalf chose to produce this piece. The title of this work, The Convalescent, literally means a person recovering from…

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