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  • Essay On Abstract Expressionism

    major movements of this decade was known as Abstract Expressionism. This art style was non-objective and represented no actual objects, rather the artist represents there thoughts through color and form. Abstract Expressionism was also known as Action Painting; the blobs, drips, and whorls that expressed their process of painting was what they saw as the essence of art. These young American artists were redefining art and revolutionizing the aesthetic…

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  • The Characteristics Of The Expressionism Movement

    INTRODUCTION The Expressionism movement is an impressive modern art movement that depicted subjective emotion rather than objective reality. This movement used distortion, exaggeration and different elements to express the artist’s feelings that made it different from any other movement ( It has a unique sense of artistic style that uses intense colors and agitated brushstrokes with high qualities that not only affected fine art but also theatre, literature and many more…

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  • Expressionism In Pablo Picasso's Guernica

    Expressionism describes the proclivity that tries to express emotions and feelings rather than show the reality or the nature of things. Expressionism, as a visual art, presents an emotional situation in its most compelling form. Guernica depicts this expressionism in the exaggerated and distorted images. The mural contains symbolic images in a violent collection of lines and monochromatic tones. Picasso´s intention with the painting of Guernica was to show tortured images to challenge the…

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  • Expressionism In Film

    With reference to two films, analyse the relationship between Expressionist Art and Film. In what ways can German Expressionist cinema be considered a graphic art? Lyonel Feininger, Street Lantern (1918) Otto Dix, Streetcar (1920) Fashioning ‘artificial worlds of light and shadow’ expressionist film, during the early twentieth century, and its stark contrast to the prosaic Hollywood films of the period gave the audience a relatively new visual and sensory experience by ‘creat[ing] a…

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  • Horror And German Expressionism

    It followed the avant-garde style movement before it, leading to the unique imagery it presents, but letting deeper meanings shine through. It was an outlet for the anger and depression that filled the German. By the time German Expressionism was introduced to the cinemas, it was already prevalent in the current culture around Germany, such as literature and art (Silberman). However, the films created reflected the unique art style, and melded everything together to present all the ideas put…

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  • American Expressionism Movement Analysis

    go on the canvas was not a picture but an event, (SOURCE)” which illuminates the definition of American Expressionism. An artistic movement that highlighted the unconscious self expression of the artist at the time, rather than the dynamic and realistic form of the event itself. The movement peaked in New York, being apart of the avant-garde, and continued to spread. The impact of World War II created the unconscious self expression between action painting and color field painting, the movement…

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  • Pop Art Vs Abstract Expressionism Analysis

    Pop Art versus Abtract Expressionism The Pop Art movement can be considered as a rejection or critique on it’s predecessor Abstract Expressionism. It differs both conceptually, and in its subject matter; and just like most art movements, it borrows and expands on all previous movements, creating its own path and style. While the the one evoked emotion simply with color and very little subject matter, the other veered away from the personal feeling but rather commented on the societal…

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  • Expressionism In Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night

    Starry Night was painted by a post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh in the late 19th century. It is one of Van Gogh’s best known paintings and it is hanged in the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Van Gogh completed more than 2,100 works and he was notable for his beautiful and delicate paintings. The use of color, vehement brushwork and the silhouetted form of his work greatly influenced Expressionism in modern art. One of his greatest artwork, The Starry Night brought him to an opening of…

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  • Abstract Expressionism In Mark Tobey's Electric Night

    Mark Tobey, a man greatly associated with abstract expressionism and self identity within abstract expressionism, we look into arguably the piece of work that cemented his name within the American art world, Electric Night. Breaking this work down aspect by aspect, visually and conceptually. Exploring his style known as white writing, and influences from the Japanese culture, the Northwest school, and other artist including Jackson Pollock. Finally, looking at what Mark Tobey meant the abstract…

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  • The Expressionism Movement

    This dramatic change in culture and societies was particularly in the Western countries, which Expressionism is also referred to an avant- garde art as this art movement was experimental and innovative with art and cultural connections. Expressionism gained publicity in Berlin during the Weimar Republic period, when Germany won the victory in World War I; it therefore influences the work of the expressionist. Other expressionists art such as theatre, film, music, architecture, painting and…

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