The Characteristics Of The Expressionism Movement

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The Expressionism movement is an impressive modern art movement that depicted subjective emotion rather than objective reality. This movement used distortion, exaggeration and different elements to express the artist’s feelings that made it different from any other movement ( It has a unique sense of artistic style that uses intense colors and agitated brushstrokes with high qualities that not only affected fine art but also theatre, literature and many more ( The techniques they used conveyed the state of emotion of the artist that expressed the anxieties of the modern world (theartstory). They were known for opposing the traditional techniques of art ( The Expressionism movement
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In 1905, Ernest Ludwig Kirchner led a group of four other German artists and formed Die Brücke, which was one of the most organized groups (The art story foundation, 2016). Ernst Kirchner was the author of the manifesto and wrote “He who renders his inner convictions as he knows he must, and does so with spontaneity and sincerity, is one of us” ( Their mission was to establish this movement and challenge the artistic style of that period which was impressionism and post-impressionism (The art story foundation, 2016) They published their manifesto in 1906 (The art story foundation, 2016) This movement began in 1905 to 1920 and has spread across Europe and continued to influence and inspire ambitious change into abstraction where Kandinsky created non-objective paintings that were not representational or figurative (The art story foundation, 2016). This movement influenced and helped inform Abstract Expressionism (The art story foundation, 2016). It also influenced German Art throughout the century (The art story foundation, 2016). In Addition, it was important to the Neo-Expressionism in the 1980s (The art story foundation, …show more content…
In Addition, to the Large Blue Horses that was painted by Franz Marc in 1911 using oil on canvas. Another important artwork of this movement was the Street Berlin that was painted by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in 1913. Lastly, the most important artwork of this movement that is known till this day is The Scream. A Norwegian artist called Edvard Munch painted this artwork in 1893 ( There are four versions of The Scream where two of them are paintings and the other two where done with pastels. One of these paintings is located in the National gallery in Oslo ( The other painting is located in the Munch Museum where they also own one version of the pastels ( Petter Olsen privately owns the last pastel artwork and is auctioning it off for $80 million dollars making it the most valuable auction ever made

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