The Neptune's Horse Analysis

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By the end of the 1800s art was considered a subject of study just like science and math. For an artist to be taken seriously and considered a proffesional attending an art college was a neccesity. There they learn about line techniques, shading, colouring etc. Some artists believed that art was meant to be “studied” in schools. Art was meant to be felt like an emotion and the lines show flow from the conciousness to the paper.These rebelled artists who each had their own style of art started the short but highly influential art movement called the Art Nouvaue (1890-1910).
The pieces created during this art periods looked organic i.e. there were no more imitations of real subjects. They concentrated more on the flowing and twisting of lines.
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The Neptune’s Horse is horizontally painted. He uses soft shadesos blues and greens and some shades of white too. The shades of white used play constrast in a subtle way, drawing attention to the center and upper part of the painting. Above the horses is an old man who looks powerful. His long white beard merges beautifully with the whites of the horses. At the first glimpse the picture looks alike the ocean, with the white horses playing the role of strong large waves.On close observation it is noticed how the legg of the horses look more webbed than …show more content…
Fauvism started in the early 20th century. The artists in this movement concentration more on painting and usage of vibrant colours than drawing. This was a new a shocking way of art for many people to accept. Some artists didn’t even bother to draw, they directlt applied colour from their palette to the canvas without giving any concern towards drawing.The fauvism art form kept the drawing simple but exxagerated with colours. The main artists who represent fauvism are-
• Henri Matisse
• Andre Derain
These artists expressed the emotion and the story of their painting in the form of exaggerated colours and bold brush strokes. They rebelled against the institutionalised belief of painting and art. Hence they named themselves has fauvs meaning beasts. They were strongly influenced by post impressionists. But Matisse argued that he did not choose colour based on scientific theory like the post impressionists but in the emotion and feeling he got from looking at a colour.Their increasing use of colour reduced detail in their paintings.
The lady with the hat by Matisse is one of the first Fauve pieces to be seen.The contrast on colours on the face and hat of the women gves a glimpse of the emotion she is feeling. This women is assumed to be his wife. But this painting was criticizd by spectators. Despite the critisism this painting is an important repesentation of Fauvism and its

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