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  • The Success Of Vincent Van Gogh

    Born on March 30, 1853, in Zundert, Netherlands, Vincent Van Gogh became one of the world 's greatest Post-Impressionist artists of his time. The son of Theodorus Van Gogh and Anna Carbentus, Vincent grew up in a village in Holland. He also had three sisters and two brothers; Theo, Cor, Anna, Wil, and Lies. Subsequently, they were all raised and brought up in a religious and cultural atmosphere. Vincent Van Gogh struggled during the course of his life, trying to find a niche in which he could express his love of art. However, his endless searching and failures ultimately led him to madness and according to historians committing suicide. As a child and through his teenage years, Vincent Van Gogh was encouraged by his mother to draw and…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Essay

    Vincent van Gogh was born second out of six children on March 30, 1853 to a clergyman, Theodorus van Gogh and Anna Cornelia Carbentus. During his childhood, Vincent displayed neither any indication of mental instability or inclination towards art making. Come 1869 he would become an apprentice for an art dealer firm Goupil & Cie at their headquarters in Paris. Eventually he would move to the branch in Hague where he would work for over a decade. At about this time his depression became apparent.…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Analysis

    Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most renown artists of the late nineteenth century. Decades after his death, his portraits, landscapes, and scenes of everyday life are marveled at in museums across the globe. Most recently, from Winter ’16 – Spring ’16 The Art Institute of Chicago curated an exhibition titled Van Gogh’s Bedrooms, revolving around the artist’s series of paintings of his bedroom in Arles. The fame however came after the Van Gogh’s death, and he experienced a drought in buyers for…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Biography

    depression, and art these are a few words that describe the life of Vincent van Gogh. Born March 30, 1853 Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch artist who most was known for his painting Starry Night, The Bedroom, Irises, Wheatfield with Crows and multiple paintings of sunflowers. Vincent van Gogh was born to a pastor name Theodorus van Gogh and an artist named Anna Cornelia Carbentus in Groot-Zundert, Holland. According to (Vincent van Gogh Biography. (2002).…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Impressionism

    Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter who developed his works of art as a Post-Impressionist painter. He was a well known for his Western Art work; within a decade Van Gogh created around 2000 paintings that included landscapes, self-portraits, and still lives. When painting his famous artwork he used bold colors that were prominent in all of his artwork. Theses colors were always symbolic and dramatic. Van Gogh was a very closed man, meaning he loved to paint but he had no…

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  • Vincent Willem Van Gogh

    means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” This quote is from famous Dutch painter Vincent Willem van Gogh. Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands to Theodorus van Gogh and Anna Cornelia Carbentus. He was named for his grandfather Vincent, who was also named for his uncle, a successful sculptor, also named Vincent Van Gogh. Unfortunately, van Gogh like many artists did not become famous for his artwork until after he died. Van Gogh was the oldest surviving…

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  • Essay On Vincent Van Gogh

    Vincent Van Gogh His Style A pointillism is a form of painting in which tiny dots of primary-colours are used to generate secondary colours. It is an offshoot of Impressionism and is usually categorized as a form of Post-Impressionism. It is very similar to Divisionism, except that where Divisionism is concerned with colour theory, Pointillism is more focused on the specific style of brushwork used to apply the paint. The term "Post-Impressionism" was invented by the English painter and…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh In The Starry Night

    the way Vincent van Gogh has. His life and works have proven to fascinate time and time again. During his lifetime it was stated, "of his 700 paintings and thousands of drawings, of which he sold less than half-dozen in his lifetime." (Fiero, 2011) In this paper, the life of Vincent van Gogh will be addressed up until the point of his demise. Within this discussion, one of the most recognizable paintings titled "The Starry Night," will be analyzed for each eye capturing point it is believed to…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Research Paper

    Vincent van Gogh ART 1030: Intro to Art Jacob Vienna, 002 VIENNA, JACOB – VINCENT VAN GOGH Vincent van Gogh Vincent van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter who is considered to be one of the greatest Dutch painters to ever live. One thing van Gogh is known for is the emotion in his work. I chose to write this paper about van Gogh due to this. In Starry Night, van Gogh communicates his feelings of coldness and darkness in his life. Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853, in…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh: Living With Art

    Vincent van Gogh “…I have found in my work something to which I can devote myself heart and soul…” (Living with Art p.10). Vincent van Gogh was a deeply disturbed man, however, he found his form of expression through art. Initially working as an art broker with his brother, Theo, he soon come to make art of his own (van Gogh’s p.11). However, the years he spent working with and on his art were in the latter ten years of his life (Living with Art p.10). While working through his troubles, he…

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