Violence against women

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  • Violence Against Women

    Violence against women is an ongoing public health concern and challenge for nurses not only across the United States but globally. The American Nurses Association is taking action on prevention and promoting education to nurses and patients regarding violence against women. They are advocates for teaching nurses the assessment pieces in recognizing women who are and could be potential victims of any type of violence including sexual, psychological or physical abuse. In order to reduce immediate and long term physiological and psychological effects from abuse, the ANA believes that it is important to increase awareness and bring attention to healthcare professionals about the types of injuries that are related to this type of crime. With increased…

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  • Violence Against Women: The Consequences Of Violence Against Women

    Violence against women is violent and deliberate behavior directed at women and takes many forms, whether moral or physical, and according to the United Nations definition, violence against women is the behavior against women and motivated by sexual neurosis, resulting in suffering and harm to women in the physical, psychological and sexual aspects, The threat in any form, deprivation and limitation of women's freedom in their private or public life is a practice of violence against women.…

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  • Violence Against Women In The Congo

    The methodical violence against women has become one the most, if not the most important and detrimental issues across the globe. Violence against women involves a multitude of horrendous actions that range from rape and forced marriage, to genital mutilation (FGM) and feminicide. Gender-Based Violence (GBV) affects an unbelievable amount of women every year, according to the World Health Organization, one-third of the world’s women (translated to an estimated 1.140 billion individuals) have…

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  • Violence Against Women In Afghanistan

    Violence against women is counted as one of the biggest problems that today countries all over the world are facing. Many countries has succeeded to prevent this abominable issue while many others are still struggling with it. Afghanistan, as a post-conflict country, has the most cases of violence against women which most of them remain unheard. Despite the attempts that the Afghan government and other organizations have taken, the violence still exists and is expanding. There is a need for more…

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  • Domestic Violence Against Women

    Domestic violence at home is a form of gender-based violence, intending on subordinating women. The global dimensions of domestic violence are of great concern, both in terms of their scope and extent. Domestic violence is perhaps the most universal, yet one of the most invisible forms of violence against women. No country or society can claim to be free of domestic violence, but the patterns and trends may vary across regions and countries The United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of…

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  • Violence Against Women Act

    Importance of Violence Against Women Act known as VAWA Trump is planning on cutting federal funding (Bolton). It is a bad idea for the president to cut federal budgets because one of the many programs that will be cut is called Violence Against Women Act and it is the only program that tremendously benefits abused women. If the budget gets cut or eliminated there will not be justice for women. Women will lose legal rights against violence that is committed against them. What is a woman? A…

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  • Violence Against Women In Australia

    On both a national and international scale, Violence against Women is one of the most universally violated human rights; as outlined in the United Nation’s ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, Article 3 “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” In Australia alone over one woman a week is killed by someone known to them; this year 57 women have been murdered by a current or former partner in Australia, not including unreported or unsolved cases. Whilst a variety of…

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  • Violence Against Women In Brazil

    WA8: Violence against Women Should Be Effectively Dealt with in Brazil Violence against women and girls is a serious violation of human rights. Its impact varies among sexual, mental, and physical consequences including death. It negatively affects women's overall well-being, and it prevents them from fully participating in society. Violence has negative consequences not only for women, but also for their families, community, and for country as a whole. Violence also has huge costs, from health…

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  • Violence Against Women In Nicaragua

    Women in many, if not most, countries are subordinate to men. This is apparent through gender-based violence, discrimination, the wage gap, and other harmful stigmas. Oppression against women begins at conception. Female infanticide is very real in countries such as China and India. Girls are seen as “too expensive” because of cultural dowry. Women lead lives of misery and/or bring too much stress to their families. Even before birth, sex-selective abortions occur because of the same reasons:…

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  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

    History and Description of Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Violence against women has been a societal crisis for decades in the United States and worldwide. In the early 1990s, Congress began to acknowledge the seriousness of the crimes that were being committed against women. The Democratic and Republican parties collaborated to pass a federal law that would provide protection to women affected by domestic violence and physical and sexual assaults. The law would also provide services to…

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