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  • Violin History

    The history of the violin is pretty cool. People believe that the violin originated from Italy in the early 1500s. It seems to have been evolved from the fiddle and rebec considering they were stringed instruments. The person who is known to be the one who made the instrument is Andrea Amati. Others were recognized also such as Gasparo de Salo and Giovanni Maggini. They were both italians (I guess their not only good for making food.) but during the 17th and early 18th century violin making reached its peak. The violin has been through some innovations, the earliest form of the violin are very different from today’s violin. Back then violins had shorter necks that were thicker and less angled. The fingerboard was much shorter and the bridge…

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  • Violin And The Classical Era

    change how the violin looked, but it also changed how the violin was used and held. The Classical era brought a new way of holding the instrument, “[the] early Classical period assured holding the violin on the shoulder, though a few village violinists might still have played violins on the breast.” The shoulder playing technique is how modern violinists play the instrument today, but none of this would be possible if were not for the Classical period and its improvements to the instrument. One…

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  • The Violin Research Paper

    Violins are one of the most popular instruments ever. They are an hourglass-shaped string instrument that reaches the highest pitches in a string orchestra. The violin's history goes a long way back through many different types of medieval instruments such as the viol. The viol was a great instrument, but when Andrea Amati greatly improved its design and called it the violin, many forgot about it. Before violins was invented, the viol family developed in Spain (Parker 148). "There were three…

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  • John Juzek Violin Analysis

    The violin selected for this assignment is a John Juzek Violin. It is a beautiful handmade wooden full size (4/4) violin with a carved spruce wood top, a flamed maple back, and an ivory inlaid tailpiece. The violin is fitted with prelude dominant strings and an Aubert Bridge. The violin came with an accompanying German bow. The violin has a beautiful tonal quality lacking any dead spots in the sound while played in 4th (1st shift) position. Some of the special qualities this violin possesses…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Practicing The Violin

    A choice has been made to pick this delicate instrument, a weapon of my choice—the violin. Carefully, one removes the seals from the case it has been resting in—it made a soft clicking sound like the locks from a prisoner’s cage. The case opens slowly revealing what was inside of it. The instrument patiently waits for its master as it lays on its furry navy blue bed. Silence filled the room as each one stare at each other and talk with their amazed eyes. The violin was glistening with beauty;…

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  • Descriptive Essay About My Violin

    enhance the vibrations of the violin as I start to play my audition piece. My dreams, my passion, all poured into one final song to show my progression. The pain and suffering launched at me to destroy my hopes and dreams were finally coming to an end. Starting my journey as a violinist in middle school, I was filled with inspiration and excitement to learn the violin. Ever since I was little I adored the violinists in my favorite animations and movies and always wanted to be like them.…

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  • An Essay On Kabelevsky's Violin Concert

    Born in rural New South Wales, Kate Young began playing violin at the age of four. Despite growing up in Streaky Bay, a small and remote South Australian town 800km west of Adelaide, at the age of 14, she received a scholarship to study at the Sydney Conservatorium High School. Upon completion, she continued her musical studies at the Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide where she studied under Keith Crellin OAM, graduating with honours in 2008. In the same year, she won first place in…

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  • Butterfly Lovers Violin Concert Analysis

    The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto was written for western style orchestra and features a solo violin played using some Chinese techniques. This piece retains the Chinese flavor but however to some extent. The reason why I have chosen this question and this piece is because as a violinist, I have the interest in how the violin in The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto is a western instrument, but however it is still able to capture some of the Chinese style. In this essay, I will be comparing…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Violin

    the notes. Even though everyone else, even those less practiced than I, had abandoned the blue tape that I still clung to them for months. Those thin strips of tape had been with me since my first violin in 5th grade, when my fingers were not even big enough to play on a full sized violin. That was when I actually was a beginner just learning how to play the notes. Every time I got a new violin, I insisted that my teacher add the tape. The first time I replaced my violin I was still considered…

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  • A Wooden Corrective Essay: Violin As An Elective Course

    My gaze penetrated a wooden resonance box which was amplifying the sound waves. At the middle school orientation, that spur of the moment made me chose violin as an elective course. My new skill, I gradually developed to the perfection and demonstrated it at many in and outside school concert. As I believe, passion, practice, patience, and pleasure; these are the four factors played a crucial role to develop and to demonstrate my talent. "Finger, Bow, then Go, it is not possible to create…

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