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  • Opera House Essay

    An opera house is the place for performing arts such like opera, stage show, symphony, choral concert, singer concert and a place for the artist to perform or display their arts as a world tour around the world. There are hundreds of opera houses around the world include the Malaysia’s opera house as known as Palace of Culture, also known as Istana Budaya that located next to the National Art Gallery on Jalan Tun Razak in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The first and the greatest public opera house was Teatro San Cassiano , it was build in 1673 in Venice, Italy. Its appearance has been popular through the centuries and become a follow to all around the world and opera house started to be build along the western country and spread around the world. During 17th century, ballet and opera were born of royal entertainments in Italy and France. For that time, they used opera house for some spectacular productions celebrating marriages or political visited by kings or nobles to show off their wealth and power. Besides, they also used opera house for their entertainments. These entertainments mixed with musical, dance, and magnificent processions with technical effect and luxurious costumes. The opera stories wave taken from classical mythology and the mythology of God or Hero. During the 19th century the rise of bourgeois…

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  • Analysis Of Opera Buffa

    The book first opens up to Mary Hunter diving into Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. In Hunter’s words this opera participates in what she calls a theatrical conversation which involves the composers, librettists, performers, and the audience. Ms. Hunter attempts to eavesdrop on said conversation to show the reader how the opera buffa was able to behave as entertainment in Vienna. She also states that studying opera buffas as entertainment does not mean that these works have any less artistic value…

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  • The Banhantom Of Oper The Phantom Of The Opera

    The Lubbock Moonlight Musicals in partnership with Texas Tech’s School of Music definitely did not disappoint with their amazing performance of Phantom of the Opera. This is one of the most well know and classical musicals but doesn’t fit into any specific category. It is not exactly classic musical theatre due to the music being for classically trained singers, but it is not exactly an opera either because it has dialogue while an opera is traditionally completely sung. This makes for a…

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  • Moby Dick Opera Analysis

    The opera Moby Dick occurred on November 6, 2016, from 2 PM to 5 PM, at the Winspear Opera House in Downtown Dallas. The Dallas Opera performed the event, and famous performers included the following: Jay Hunter Morris as Captain Ahab, Stephen Costello as Greenhorn, Morgan Smith as Starbuck, Musa Ngqungwana as Queequeg, Jacqueline Echols as Pip, and Peter McGillivray as Stubb. The opera performance was completely backed by a professional orchestra, featuring every instrument one would expect in…

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  • Phantom Of The Opera Analysis

    Synopsis The drama theater The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of an opera singer Christine who has been performing at the gala was held in Paris. Raoul is a sign of old and had been friends with Christine since childhood had heard Christine sing and have fallen in love with him. At the time it also became a rumor that there are ghosts who have stayed in Opera. After the gala dinner held to have committed Faust Opera Paris by presenting the prima donna Carlotta. During the show Carlotta…

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  • Musical Analysis Of Phantom Of The Opera

    The 2004 movie, The Phantom of the Opera, is based off the original 1986 musical that was produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The actual movie is also produced by Webber and is directed by Joel Schumacher. It was released in the United States in December of 2004 and has been a hit ever since. The musical is still very popular and is performed on stages across the world to this day. Each musical scene in The Phantom of the Opera is sung in opera, so one has to have a special talent to perform. Some…

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  • The Intermedio And Oper The Importance Of Opera

    In opera, the composer is the dramatist. In opera the music interprets, crystallizes, and intensifies the expressive meaning of the words, far beyond anything with the words alone are capable of (Greenberg, 2009, L11, 8:35). During the transitory period of the Renaissance and Baroque eras, the tremendous increase in the popularity of secular stage drama punctuated by musical intermezzos (music played between the acts of stage plays) invariably ignited opera into existence. As discussed by…

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  • Analysis Of Phantom Of The Opera In China

    Multimodal translating of the Musical The Phantom of the Opera in China As the development of cultural undertakings, Chinese people have more diversified demands on art and voices for musicals are getting higher and higher. Musical is a form of theatrical performance which combines dialogues, music, movement, lightening and sounding technology as an integrated whole.it was born in western countries in the twentieth century, and enjoyed the highest popularity in American Broadway and the Western…

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  • Analysis Of The Phantom Of The Opera

    the London Opera house a story of love and mystery unfolds. A man disfigured from birth falls for a girl whose voice becomes his mask. His enchanting music lures the young girl into his labyrinth beginning a love story that will rock the ages. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera is, in my opinion, one of the best musicals of the time. The music is unique, the dialogue is full of emotion and the characters grow in a way no other stage show has captured. The show premiered on Broadway…

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  • Boston Lyric Opera Case Study

    Boston Lyric Opera (BLO) is the largest Opera Company in New England, founded in 1976. It is a nonprofit organization that relies on extensive donations from many supporters to produce and perform a great deal of programs on the stage and community (Boston Lyric Opera, n.d.). Its partners are divided into two parts, one is public support and another is organizations and institutions. The mission of Boston Lyric Opera is to produce excellent productions, inspire audiences to appreciate opera, and…

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