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  • Symbolism In Opera

    Symbolism in Opera: The Elements of French Symbolism in the Opera Production of Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande Introduction Although a large number of research studies have been conducted on the relationship between Claude Debussy and French Symbolism, especially his opera Pelléas et Mélisande, whether his music could reflect Symbolism is still in a heated discussion. Some research has pointed out the relationship between the music and the libretto of the opera and Symbolism , ; while some research has investigated only the stage setting of the opera production , . Hence, the chief purpose of this study is to explore the opera production of Debussy’s opera and French Symbolism. Specifically, it is hypothesized that opera production, including…

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  • Italian Opera

    Italian opera and French opera both contrast in many ways but are both as unique as each other and the way in which their music is expressed is very powerful. The first Italian opera house, ‘Teatro San Cassiano’ opened in Venice in 1637. This was an important development of the Italian opera. For the first few years of Italian opera, it was only for the viewing of the upper-class, it was courtly entertainment for invited guests only. As it developed, it became available to the general audience.…

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  • Opera House Essay

    An opera house is the place for performing arts such like opera, stage show, symphony, choral concert, singer concert and a place for the artist to perform or display their arts as a world tour around the world. There are hundreds of opera houses around the world include the Malaysia’s opera house as known as Palace of Culture, also known as Istana Budaya that located next to the National Art Gallery on Jalan Tun Razak in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The first and the greatest public opera house…

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  • Essay On The Phantom Of The Opera

    The Lubbock Moonlight Musicals in partnership with Texas Tech’s School of Music definitely did not disappoint with their amazing performance of Phantom of the Opera. This is one of the most well know and classical musicals but doesn’t fit into any specific category. It is not exactly classic musical theatre due to the music being for classically trained singers, but it is not exactly an opera either because it has dialogue while an opera is traditionally completely sung. This makes for a…

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  • Shashekia Opera

    God has blessed these performers with beautiful voices and talents, and it was really nice to know that even though a big crowd wasn’t in the main Chapel to listen and applaud them , they all tried to put there all in it. This had shown the passion they have for what they are doing. For The lunch hour concert, musicians were a on a low energy which the few of us in the congregation was feeding off on. However, without a doubt the performances were clear on their actual role or part. I do…

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  • Analysis Of Opera Buffa

    The book first opens up to Mary Hunter diving into Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. In Hunter’s words this opera participates in what she calls a theatrical conversation which involves the composers, librettists, performers, and the audience. Ms. Hunter attempts to eavesdrop on said conversation to show the reader how the opera buffa was able to behave as entertainment in Vienna. She also states that studying opera buffas as entertainment does not mean that these works have any less artistic value…

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  • Opera Singer Stereotypes

    When most people hear the words “opera singer,” their mind conjures up images of bloated women, plunked down in the middle of a stage, illuminated by a spotlight, dressed in exotic costumes, and screaming at the top of the lungs in even more exotic languages. But frankly that stereotype could not be more wrong; I know that for a fact. If those stereotypes were right, then I would not be writing this paper. I love opera. I have been addicted to it for over five years now, and the fire that…

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  • The Opera La Boheme

    At the Wolf Trap Theater, on August 5th, I saw the opera La Boheme. La Boheme is a love story between a poet named Rodolfo and seamstress named Mimi. The opera explores ideas of true love and the bitter sweetness of reminiscing past lovers. This opera was based on the novel, Scenes de la vie de Boheme by Henri Murger. The music was written by Giacomo Puccini, an Italian composer who lived during the Post-Romanic Period, and is well known for his opera compositions. The libretto was written by…

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  • Early Verdi: Italian Opera

    EARLY VERDI In his early works, Verdi was known for using canons and fuges and also to have written vocal music, band music and chamber works. In his early opera he uses standard elements of Italian opera content of the period. Amongst the essential elements are the aria, the duet, the ensemble, and the finale sequence of an act. The aria format, involved three sections, a slow introduction, marked typically cantabile or adagio, known as the cavatina, a tempo di mezzo that might involve chorus…

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  • Phantom Of The Opera Analysis

    Synopsis The drama theater The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of an opera singer Christine who has been performing at the gala was held in Paris. Raoul is a sign of old and had been friends with Christine since childhood had heard Christine sing and have fallen in love with him. At the time it also became a rumor that there are ghosts who have stayed in Opera. After the gala dinner held to have committed Faust Opera Paris by presenting the prima donna Carlotta. During the show Carlotta…

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