Essay On The Phantom Of The Opera

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The Lubbock Moonlight Musicals in partnership with Texas Tech’s School of Music definitely did not disappoint with their amazing performance of Phantom of the Opera. This is one of the most well know and classical musicals but doesn’t fit into any specific category. It is not exactly classic musical theatre due to the music being for classically trained singers, but it is not exactly an opera either because it has dialogue while an opera is traditionally completely sung. This makes for a difficult mixture of is not for the faint of heart and is quite the undertaking for any group of artist because it takes many incredible singers that are also talented actors. Tech’s music department did a wonderful job delivering on both of these stipulations and made The Phantom of the Opera an experience that I will not forget anytime soon.
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This classic role takes not only a classically trained voice but also the acting skills to become this girl and go on this journey of psychological and physical battles with the phantom. Knowing Marissa as a Terry Scholar and peer in other classes outside of the theatre and performance world I knew she was a hard working and sweet individual, but I had no idea of the talent for the stage that she has. Working with David Gaschen she definitely had a challenge but she dove into the role head first and the time and work that she spent preparing for the role was extremely evident and made for a wonderful well rounded performance.
I am so fortunate that I was able to experience Lubbock’s own little Broadway for however a short amount of time it was. I can now happily say that I have had my Phantom of the Opera experience and understand what the obsession with the phantom is and why that it is regarded as one of the if not the most well know, successful, and extraordinary piece of work that had been brought to the stage in the last

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