Dead Theatre Reflective Essay

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Initially I started this assignment by carefully reviewing over the worksheet given to me before the in-class assignment. The assignment was to create a scene with “silent tension” and to incorporate several elements such as a moment of pause. Even though I might not have to direct the scene, I started to think in a sense of how a director might approach this assignment and create a scene. I started to reference the “dead theatre” essay written by Peter Brook. I wanted to create a scene that the audience could emotionally and spiritually relate to. The essay emphasizes that the audience is key in making a performance successful. I also drew ideas for my “scene” from previous films and media I had recently watched. I then started to craft my idea under the guidelines of the assignment. I wanted to make my audience engaged and on the edge of their seat while watching my created scene. From a director’s point of view, I had a specific obstacle with limited resources. My idea for a “scene” had become clear and I began to finally start thinking like a “director”.
I drew from the “Tupperware of destiny” and was given the role director. I was well prepared for this position. I was given three of my classmates to be my actors and we set off to begin the scene. I had the
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I was able to see a different approach on how to grab the audience’s attention from the other director’s performance. The scene at the same time was very comical, but also held you on the edge of your seat with its high tension and wonderful transformation of a relationship between two characters on stage. This really grabbed my attention and taught me that a transformation of a relationship on stage really enriches the performance. Overall, the knowledge I gained from this activity in class really helped me establish a foundation and base for the mechanics of

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