A Heavenly Christmas Analysis

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I don 't believe I have missed a single "Countdown to Christmas" movie this year on the Hallmark Channel nor its sister network Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. While I have my personal favorites, there is no denying that a massive hit this year was their film A Heavenly Christmas starring Eric McCormack, Kristin Davis, and the legendary Shirley MacClaine. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and when I discovered that Gregg McBride was the screenwriter for this Yuletide treat, I quickly reached out to him for an interview. I was incredibly elated when he responded (and so quickly too). Gregg graciously agreed to answer a few questions about his passion for writing, his personal struggles in his own life, and even a bit about his future …show more content…
A Heavenly Christmas (originally titled Christmas Angel in Training) was an idea I got while walking my dog one day. I found myself wondering about what kind of Christmas Angel someone who didn’t celebrate Christmas would be. The notion intrigued me (and made me laugh) and so the story quickly developed from there. Being a big fan of the Hallmark Channel (and a Hallmark card addict since birth), I’d always longed to work with them. I was fortunate enough to get a meeting there and, after mentioning the idea, received tremendous encouragement and enthusiasm. The project was fast-tracked and I wrote the script pretty quickly. Again, the story was already “in” me, so that part came easily. Add to this working with the team at Hallmark (Randy Pope, Michelle Vicary and Bill Abbott) and it was a win-win. Talk about a labor of love.

What was your role once they accepted the screenplay? Did you have any input as far as actors, scenes, etc.? Were you on set at all during the
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Making movies (especially ones that can stand the test of time and really speak to people’s hearts) is a group effort. What you see on the screen is the result of so many people giving their all to the project. Even people that we don’t think of like the movie’s director of photography. His lighting is genius. Add to this the performances (I never realized Eric McCormack was such a fine singer!) and it all works beautifully. Of course, there were some small changes to the story along the way. That’s part of the process. The folks at the Hallmark Channel know their audiences and are very committed to them. I love that. And yes, the vision of what I’d come up with while walking my dog is there one hundred percent. I remember thinking the plot through (on another dog walk) and imagining Eric McCormack’s deceased sister revealed as another angel who was “in on things” from the beginning and got a tear in my eye due to the emotion (yes, while walking my dog!). To see that come to life?

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