Homeless Theatre Analysis

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Using theatre to help the homeless

Homelessness is a huge problem in the United Kingdom, homelessness doesn 't just involve people sleeping on the streets it also encompasses families living in temporary accommodation or in substandard housing. My idea is to devise a piece of theatre using workshops with some people who have gone through or are going through homelessness, once a piece has been devised then a short tour will take the production around schools and areas with higher than normal homelessness. Hopefully this will lead to a greater awareness of the issue of homelessness, a greater understanding by the wider public and leaving vulnerable people with the knowledge to know what to do not to end up like other unfortunate people.

What are the needs of Homeless people?

The needs of Homeless
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Before the financial crisis in 2008 the arts provided a 200% return on any government spending and in 2007 the arts were said “to account for more than 7 per cent of the economy and to be growing faster than the economy as a whole.” (Palgraveconnect.com, (2016). [online]) So the performing arts certainly can have an economical role in society but I know that it can also have a social role being able to ‘ transform lives and communities,’ (Arts Council England (2003, 2)) this is why the arts are taught in schools shown on television and have government agencies dedicated to the upkeep of them. The arts can rehabilitate, heal and change the perceptions of people and their communities, the arts are in every aspect of our lives making the world a better place to be in, performance being taught in schools helps children with social skills and their emotions at a key stage in their lives helping them through difficult times and making things easier in adult

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