Summary Of Necessary Edge By Yo-Yo Ma

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Recently in the United States education has been based on Stem. Stem is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Yo-Yo Ma in his essay “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education” makes the claim that it should be STEAM, adding arts into the world arguing that artistic ideas are essential as well as the others. Yo-Yo Ma is a brilliant man, he is a cellist that graduated from Julliard School and Harvard both are top schools. He has won over seventeen Grammy awards; therefore, Yo-Yo Ma is a very creditable man. The purpose for Ma writing this is to get more people to be thinking about arts and how it could change and better people’s lives. His audience he is writing to is a good amount of younger people because …show more content…
He states the art brings out empathy “to be able to put oneself in another’s shoes without prejudgment is an essential skill. Empathy comes out when you understand something deeply through arts and literature” (Yo-Yo Ma 258). In his argument he is going for the more of emotion more of a pathos road. He is using more emotion as evidence. He makes the claim “STEAM will help us get there by solving education problems. Kids will then go to school because of passion” (Yo-Yo Ma 259). Saying that adding arts will bring out passion in other fields because it will bring various aspects about things. He talks about how “key factors like collaboration, flexibility, imagination, and innovation are skills needed into days world-is through performing arts” (Yo-Yo Ma 259). This is the author using logos to strengthen his arguments. What he Is saying is these key things that we need to be successful are best taught in performing arts, so therefore performing arts is very beneficial in any field you can go through, or just any form of art. He really focuses on Ethos and Pathos for his argument. He uses ethos, to prove that arts (in his case music) that can be very beneficial to people. He uses pathos when he talks about empathy. He also talks about to reach the equilibrium, that we need to build a bridge between arts and science, and when we make this equilibrium it will be very beneficial for our

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