Persuasive Speech On Fine Arts

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Imagine coming back to school after a long summer break excited for a new school year filled with school plays, art competitions, and several interesting fine arts classes, only to find that they have been cut. Could you imagine the idea of not being to express yourself throughout your school day? To take a break from your academically challenging classes to have fun with friends.
This has become a tragic reality for countless schools across the country. There is a plethora of causes for the devastating loss of fine art programs, but most tie into the fact that there isn’t enough money to support the demands required for every student. Over several years fine arts have been cut almost
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They make harsh decisions to downsize several programs and they have the ultimate say in what happens to the schools within their district. If we speak up and bring our ideas to them they may listen to them. As a community we need to come together and speak as one if we ever want to see a change. We could create a community forum where we speak out about local issues in schools and converse ideas to create a better system for schools. The school board doesn’t truly understand what they are taking away from their students. Not only are they depriving them of an education, but a way to look at life in a new perspective. And we need to be teaching them to be human beings who can enjoy the deeper forms of beauty (Smith). This allows for them to be overall more successful and have a better outlook in life as they see the beauty in everything and not just in art.
Though the idea of fine arts being cut doesn’t seem too shaken up some, the truth of the matter is many students need these programs in their lives. They may seem like easy classes or not academically challenging but they change individuals lives. Fine arts can reshape the world in many positive ways if used correctly. It may not be noticeable but it shapes each and every one of us. As Magdalena Abakanowicz, a sculptor, once said, "Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their

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