Fine Arts In Schools

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Imagine coming back to school after a long summer break excited for a new school year filled with school plays, art competitions, and several interesting fine arts classes, only to find that they have been cut. Could you imagine the idea of not being to express yourself throughout your school day? To take a break from your academically challenging classes to have fun with friends.
This has become a tragic reality for countless schools across the country. There is a plethora of causes for the devastating loss of fine art programs, but most tie into the fact that there isn’t enough money to support the demands required for every student. Over several years fine arts have been cut almost 80%, thus depriving children of expressing themselves and their ideas (10 Studies). Sports programs haven’t faced a massive cut like the fine arts programs because sports teams are able to raise funds from sports games when charging for admission. For elementary school’s the average amount per child for funding is about $2 for all fine arts (Stuart). This clearly isn’t enough money to have a fully functional music and art program for young children. Not only do these classes provide kids who love the freedom of expression a chance to explore their talents, but it grants children who aren’t as
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Because of the newly designed common core tests the only thing that matters are,”test scores for math and reading, there 's big dollars attached" for districts. There are no such rewards right now for the arts. (Beyette)". The better the school scores on these exams the more support they with their income, thus the lesser of importance gets cut, which happens to be the fine arts. It’s good that they are concerned about scoring well on these exams, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to cut into other

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