Analysis Of Richard Notkin's 'All Nations Have Their Moment Of Foolishness'

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“All Nations Have Their Moment of Foolishness”

Richard Notkin who had wrote the statement of, ¨All Nations Have Their Moment of Foolishness¨, has left many readers with different feelings towards his ceramics. Richard Notkin has sculptural teapots that have explored the complex environment with impacts of contemporary human civilizations. Notkin quoted, “I find myself in a transitional phrase that is quite challenging and often difficult, but necessary to the evolution and growth of my art”, knowing that his artwork is visually manipulating various objects, images and symbols to create narrative sculpture works which stimulates the viewer to examine their own innermost feelings. Notkin has wrote this for his experience and challenges himself into creating a bigger sculptures which has involved the scale larger than his trademark miniature works. You can tell by him saying, “Exploring a wide range of clay that are new to me”. The artist’s attitude toward the mainstream, people see it as a creative accomplishment. The work of art has a profound impact on the population of our planet with the great history of art. The artist personality is extremely challenging, he had challenged himself to create a large scale work of George Bush with the feeling of darkness. Notkin said, “The tiles are sorted according to their shading
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He can not express that which he or she is most passionate about, that his innermost convictions and beliefs therefore the artist had the inspiration of creating the work. His work is about lessons heard but not needed. With that he believes that if the lessons are ignored it will be affect this new century and to the human species. Art just gives us a message and it is up to us to use that message to change the world.That message could be positive and it could be negative. Art is just the artist way of saying

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