I Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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We are in the dark ages of learning. There is an insufficient focus on creativity in school. Integrating more arts into the education system would aid students in feeling more involved in their education, It should be made mandatory that students choose at least two. There must be a balance of all subjects so that they are less likely to become disinterested. We are all being taught to think identical instead of thinking differently, or at least we are all taught the same. Barber asserts “more than 3,000 youngsters will drop out today and every day for the rest of the school year.” Encouraging students in their differences should be a priority, if teachers begin to encourage student’s skills while also trying to make them more well-rounded schools may have better reactions from their students instead of many of them becoming …show more content…
Students need a more adaptable curriculum, not saying that we should completely scrap it, but over the years we should add to it little by little. High school is the arguably the greatest factor in molding what kind of person you become however, there seems to be an unnecessary controlling aspect in most schools instead of guiding you and making you better as an individual, they focus on trying to make everyone uniform. Sitting in a class and trying to absorb everything day after day is strenuous task, especially when you aren’t engaged in what is being taught. If we were to do a better job sparking interest in the things students learn about then maybe they would do a better job retaining information. Students can only pay attention for so long before they become disinterested in the topic at hand, but, having students that are interested in what they are learning increases the likelihood of them doing better. Teachers should try more creative ways of involving their students when learning; I think a more hands on approach would help them get into what is being

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