Operational amplifier

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  • Ecg Lab Report

    The aim of this project is to develop an Electrocardiography (ECG) amplifier circuit from scratch. The main challenges include amplifying the desired week signal in the presence of noise from other muscles and electrical sources. As this semester was about transistors we had to use transistors at some stage in this project. The project was successfully designed and built in two ways: one with solely using operational amplifiers and other using transistors as differential amplifiers. Electrocardiography (ECG)/ Background The heart is one of the vital organs in the human body. The heart behaves like a pump that circulates blood and oxygen around the body in order for the human body to function flawlessly. Waste products are removed from the body…

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  • Music Narrative Essay

    summer of 2001; my oldest sister, of the two, would always drive around in our hometown playing her favorite alternative rock tracks. It was calming driving the backshore, with the waves crashing into the rocks. It was like I was at peace sitting in the backseat of her jeep, just watching the ocean; I could feel myself hearing Stone Temple Pilots. At that moment, I was sure I found my liking, and that would be rock and roll. When artists like Radiohead and the Foo Fighters came on, I’d be so…

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  • The Importance Of Reamping

    effective trick and a common technique. In a nutshell, use a reamping box to record a dry signal to your DAW while listening to the tailored tone from your amp. Next, use the reamping box to play the dry performance back to your guitar amp. You can dial in alternate tones using the same performance that has already been captured. Mic the amp as usual and record these alternate tones till your heart’s content. This is a great way to layer different sounds while using just one take. Let’s…

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  • The Benefits Of An Electric Guitar

    So you 've decided you want to be a rockstar, eh? You 've decided that you 're going to join the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Stevie Ray and Slash as a rock n ' roll and guitar icon. Well, before you get too famous and lose yourself in either your music or drugs and alcohol, you have to get a guitar to begin with. It can be daunting to go into a guitar store and see millions of guitars, some for $200 and some for $2000. So which ones should you go for and what should you be looking at? Well…

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  • Guitar History

    in mind the style of music you will be playing. It is no good buying a "shred-master" metal machine if your primary musical influences are jazz or blues. Take a look at the players you often listen to and see what they are using. Most players will cite a particular model or type of guitar as being best for a particular style of music. An example would be using hollow body electrics for jazz or Telecasters for country music. However, there are no rules, and the general wisdom is at best a…

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  • Deepwater Business Risk Analysis

    It is inevitable that all organisations face certain risks. As pointed out by Fadun (2013), risk is a fundamental part of business because firms operate around taking risks. Risks don’t always come at a cost, sometimes taking a risk can benefit a business and increase its revenue, that is if managed correctly. According to Beck (2002), “Risk inherently contains the concept of control”. It is important that organisations acquire the correct skills in order to gain control and establish the most…

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  • Argos Case Study

    Risk Management: Risk Management is a methodology for distinguishing, evaluating, and prioritizing risk of various types. When the risks are distinguished, the risk manager will make a plan to minimize or wipe out the effect of negative occasions. An assortment of techniques is accessible, contingent upon the sort of risk and the kind of business. There are various risk management guidelines, including those created by the Project Management Institute, the International Organization for…

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  • Boatswain Mate Chief Case Study

    More often than not, this billet captures E7’s BMC’s who are lacking experienced in the ways of command. The majority of these members are also not seeking command roles. They might be on the sidelines for personal, professional, medical, or family reasons. Occasionally they are members who have a strong desire to remain in an administrative role and not operational. They have very little understanding of the challenges that face small boat units i.e. administrative, financial, and operational.…

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  • What Is Moderately Unsatisfactory?

    information provided by TE and PIR 2014 (As of June 30 2014, one month before the project closure), as per below: (TE, p.26-30); (PIR 2014,p.4-11) Outcome Component A: Biosafety is integrated into the national biotechnology strategy of Tunisia Indicator: National Biosafety Strategy published (pending to be fully achieved) EOP (end of project) Target Value: Functional Biosafety Strategy document is in place Value as of June 30, 2014: Biosafety Strategy and Action plan finalized in Arabic and…

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  • Importance Of Risk Assessment Of Cement Industry

    Risk assessment of cement industry Risk: Risk is the possibility of gaining or losing something of value. Risk Assessment: An organized process of assessing the possible risks that may be involved in an expected activity or job Why is risk assessment important? Risk assessment is very important as it play vital role in an occupational health and safety management plan. It helps to: • Generate attentiveness of hazards and risk. • Identify who may be at risk (e.g., workers, sweepers, outside…

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