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  • Stimulants Advantages And Disadvantages

    guess you can say that people normally abuse drugs because they’re either down, or vulnerable. This makes me believe why people decide to consistently abuse drugs. Also I believe that “Other people, however, enjoy having boundless energy and being "on" all the time. Or, they may live such busy lives that they need an extra boost (or at least they think they do). Rather than prioritize their time so that they can get enough sleep, eat properly, and do all the things that guarantee enough energy and a good disposition to face life without drugs, they turn to” (Addiction Search). What exactly is an Opiate? An Opiate is, “a chemical that comes from the milky fluid of the unripe see pod of the opium poppy plant” (Inaba/Power Point). An Opioid on the other hand is, an alkaloid refined from opium. Codeine (also known as cough syrup, lean or purple drank), is an example of an opiate. Lean is a drank that rappers have made popular. This gives me the idea that those who abuse this drug are just following along with the trend. What I mean by following the trend is, they decide to use it because their idol, or favorite artist uses this particular drug. This can defiantly be one of the premier reasons why some people decide to start abusing this drug. Little do they know that when they’re abusing these drugs there are also effects that go along with them. For example, insensitivity to the warning signs of pain, lower blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rate” (Inaba/Power Point).…

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  • Informative Essay: The Use Of Opium Poppy Plant

    I worked as an ER nurse for several years. I saw plant use every night to treat something. In fact almost all medications we use today are plant derived. But the number one used plant is the Opium Poppy. We know it mainly as morphine and codeine. Opium Poppy has been used as far back as ten thousand years ago. The noted use of "Milk of Poppy" is very common in all historical data. It originated on the western side of the Mediterranean, but is now grown all over the world. The poppy plant…

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  • Drug Abuse

    It was first cultivated in 3400 B.C. in lower Mesopotamia. Opium was given the name Hul Gil, the ‘joy plant” by the Sumerians because its effects were considered magical and mystical. Throughout the years, opium was passed to the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Middle East, Europe, Persia and India, and China. By 1729, the opium problem had become so widespread that the Chinese banned the use of opium for anything other than licensed medical use and in 1799; all opium trade was…

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  • Personal Narrative: Poppie And My Grandfather

    find one that sticks out from the others. I talked about ideally doing something that I am passionate about, something that keeps me motivated and interested when the days get long. Something that I feel has an ethical importance to it. Poppie went on to say that he wants me to be a lawyer. He thinks that due to my enjoyment for reading, most specifically history/non-fiction, to go along with me always being drawn to debating/negotiating, that I’d make for an ideal lawyer. I should…

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  • Heroin: The Most Dangerous Drug

    linked by one key ingredient: opium. Opium is involved in the production of narcotics ranging from prescription medicine to illegal drugs. It has had an impact on many different points in history and on today’s world. From its impact in history and on the modern world to its legal and illegal production and uses, opium has the potential to be a very harmful drug. Opium is produced from the poppy plant species “Papaver somniferum” (“Opium Poppy”), also known as the opium poppy. To harvest…

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  • Opium Trade

    trade. The opium trade is one of the largest dug markets in the world. The issue of personal is related to the private smuggling operations of the opium drug trade, which are an international crime. More so, there are private poppy farms that define the illegal of land to produce the drug. More so, the policy issues related to the opium trade involve a lack of governmental funding as a means of providing more law enforcement and military regulation of the drug trade. This was an important policy…

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  • Chinese Drug Laws

    The first drug law established in the United States, prohibited the use of the drug opium, in any Chinese opium smoking dens. The drug law was said to be enforced so they could cut down on smoking of the endorphin enhancing drug between the white men and women and the Chinese, while inside these opium smoking lounges. The opium drug serves as a comfort drug for man to take to escape the somewhat cruel world they live in. Humans suffer from fatigue, hunger, and many other displeasures this world…

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  • The Parallel Terms Of The Drug Heroin

    Smack, china white, horse, and black tar are some of the slang terms used for the drug heroin. We are told by our leaders in society, physicians, and enforcement agencies of horrors of this drug, however, less is commonly discussed is how the byproduct of this simple flower is converted into one the of most addictive drugs in our society. Heroin is the illegal opiate drug made from the opium poppy, Papaver somniferum. The plant flourishes in dry warm climates; the vast majority of the…

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  • The Heroine Drug History And Facts Summary

    Cough Medicine to Dangerous Drug The article “The Heroine Drug History & Facts,” published by Heroininfo.org, (2010) is about heroin’s background and where most of the heroin is produced from today. The article notes that “diacetylmorphine,” which derives from the opium in poppy plants, was created in 1874 by a chemist in England named C. R. Alder Wright when he conducted an experiment in which he boiled morphine with other “various acids”. The drug did not gain much traction until it was…

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  • Harrison Narcotics Tax Act

    During the Civil War, morphine was found to have pain-killing properties and soon became the main ingredient in several patent medicines. In the late 19th century, marijuana and cocaine were put to various medicinal uses -- marijuana to treat migraines, rheumatism and insomnia, and cocaine to treat sinusitis, hay fever and chronic fatigue. All of these drugs were also used recreationally, and cocaine, in particular, was a common ingredient in wines and soda pop -- including Coca Cola.2 Prior…

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