Optical fiber

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  • Optical Fiber Importance

    Optical fiber thin as hair is everywhere on this planet, carries an enormous amount of information from place to place. There are a number of desirable characteristics of the optical fiber for conveying this information. They have the ability to carry large amounts of information, a low cost and have the immunity from electrical wiring and wireless communication link a number of disturbances that can afflict. Advantages of optical fibers for transmitting information from place to place, it replaces its fast, has led to older technology. Optical fiber, and plays an important role in enabling the abnormal growth of global communication that occurred in the past 25 years, it has it is essential to be able to proliferate and use of the Internet.…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Optical Fiber Communication System

    in considering the demerits of optical fiber networks. Despite of the fact that the cost for fiber is dropping by 60% per year and is beneficial in long run, its initial installation cost is still high and is not affordable to all vendors. Per unit cost of fiber cable is more than that of copper cable. Secondly, as the technology is still new and improvising, it requires skilled manpower for its installation, operation and maintenance. Further it requires new equipment compared to prevalent…

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  • Importance Of Fiber Optic Communication

    Fiber optic communication systems are light wave systems that employ optical fibers for transmitting information from one point to other through an optical fiber. The driving force behind the widespread use of fiber optic communications is the demand for economic, reliable transmission media that can transmit required information capacity. The transmission capacity of optical fibers has drastically improved over the years. Today, optical communications up to 100 gb/s for several kilometers have…

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  • The Importance Of Fiber Optic Cables

    What is Fiber Optic Cables? Back in the day we used copper wires for our tele-communication and to interconnect throughout the world. However as technology and machines start to grow more powerful, we are forced to put a change in this production of copper wires. The wire density becomes a very critical factor in the modern era, however the limit in size must always result in better performance. Fiber optics proves to be highly effective in its high bandwidth, as it allows on a single fiber to…

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  • Optical Sensors Essay

    In today’s world sensors especially optical sensors have many emerging applications beginning from the medical diagnostics to detect the pollution in the environment. Because of these wide range of applications the challenges faced to design, proper functioning and maintenance of an optical sensor requires immense knowledge of optical, material, and environmental properties that could affect sensor performance in all aspects. The wavelength range of the laser, interactions between the signal…

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  • Biomedical Sensors Essay

    Implementation of optical fiber sensor in biomedical Optical fiber sensor for biomedical application Applications for biomedical sensors can be named in vivo or in vitro. In vivo alludes to application on an entire, living life form, for example, a human patient; in vitro alludes to testing outside the body, for example, research facility blood tests. From the point of view of how sensors are connected to a patient or organic framework, they can be named noninvasive, reaching (skin surface),…

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  • The Development Of Morse Code: The History Of Communication

    depending on the angle at which strikes the surface. This principal is the heart of the operation of optical fibers. Just by altering and controlling the angle at which light is incident on the fiber, we can transmit this light signal efficiently. By this principle of Total Internal Reflection the ray of light is trapped within the denser glass of the center of the composite cylindrical glass fiber, the core as if it is guided down the core in a zigzag path of successive reflections. These light…

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  • Importance Of Fiber Optics

    Optical Fibres By Jaydan Fibre optics are wires made of pure strands of glass or plastic spliced together (weaved together). These wires are as thin as strands of hair so their can be millions of them in a fibre optic cable. The wires are in bundles called optical cables and are used to transmit digital information over long distances. Fibre optics can be used for telecommunication, networking, decorations, endoscopy and much more because they are flexible, carry much more information than…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fiber Optics

    age where wireless is the popular thing, all wireless communication systems must be based upon a wired foundation. This wired system is where fiber optics come in. Fiber…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fibre Optics

    no delay and stream videos in New Zealand that are based on servers in Europe with minimal loading time. In military uses the cables offer a substitute for copper cables used in the past. Optical fibre technology has also been seen to be…

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