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  • Internal Competitive And Macroeconomic Analysis

    Oracle Corporation Independent Oracle Consultant Conducted internal competitive and macroeconomic analysis for my own business model to identify potential market penetration opportunities to grow across the borders. At the same time, I managed my finances, time-sheets and operations. Executed Go-to-Market for social media, marketing, and public relation; in this process, came up with a strategic plan to integrate Oracle certified training into my Consulting to provide my clients with better consulting experience. As a founder and proprietor, I managed client-accounts and business-partnerships with well over 20 overseas and domestic industry players, Oracle business process teams and their service partners. Oracle Corporation received approximately…

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  • Oracle Case Study

    Introduction Oracle was founded in 1977 as Software Development Laboratories by Lawrence (Larry) Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates. Oracle Version 1 was written, but was never officially released. In 1979, Oracle Version 2 was release as the first commercial SQL relational database management system (RDBMS). Also in 1979, Software Development Laboratories changed its name to Relational Software Inc. (RSI). The 1980s was a busy decade for Oracle. In 1982, RSI was renamed Oracle Systems and…

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  • Cisco Erp Case Study

    The mission of Cisco technical support organization is to delivers a variety of revenue generating customer services. Most support services contract customers, and customers covered by new product warranties, depend on the efficient and timely logging, tracking, and managing of customer service requests. Customers can request assistance from by sending e-mail to the technical support organization, or by phoning the customer call centre. CARE system, based on Clarify application…

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  • Comparison Of Pepsi-Cola And Frito-Lay, Inc.

    The company did not previously have a company wide information and communications technology, such as a common ERP system. As the company had merged and acquired different companies, they did not have a common communication language. The mySAP Business Suite provides a platform where all PepsiCo’s services interact and share information. It helps unify operations, standardize processes and increase efficiency across its divisions (SAP, 2004). SAP runs with the S/4HANA system, this system use the…

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  • Use Case Point Estimate Case Study

    Top Down Estimate The Top Down Estimate approach that best suites the Augmented Reality System is a Use Case Point estimate. Since the scope of this project only includes a single warehouse rollout, a Use Case Point estimate is able to closely predict the tasks and actors needed to implement a single instance. A percentage of total revenue estimate would be unreliable as it projects a complete system rollout for all warehouses. In addition, the chosen warehouse for implementation does not…

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  • Erp Implantation Case Study

    organization needs to understand what the ERP can do for the company, what it can’t do, and know the company expected growth, goals, and strategy. Are they replacing all their legacy systems, across the entire company or just one or a few business units? Do they have the proper people on staff to help implement, to know the skills of…

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  • Fda Case Study

    functionalities within UFMS meets FDA’s business needs and processes, any changes proposed by other OpDivs or HHS are communicated to our end users and that it does not break our internal financial business processes.…

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  • Enterprise Resource Planning Process

    Because of this, the organization should go through these planning steps which can ensure the successful ERP utilization. Strategic planning is the first step (O’Donnell, 2015). Firstly, the organization has to build a project team which is consisted by every department of it. After inspecting the business process, the team should present goals and objectives. Then, the team can develop a schedule of the project (O’Donnell, 2015). The second step is checking the procedure. Before developing…

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  • Cisco System Case Study

    The team members documentation were prepared to implement a process and would hold discussions with the experts/track leaders in case of any errors or contingencies. The phase also reflected the large number of business processes that could not be supported by the software and required customization/modification. The implementation team would find out the gap’s and prepare a separate customization document which would categorize the modifications (Bistasolutions, 2011) . Cisco was lucky in this…

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  • C. H Robinson Case Study

    and product-development managers to support new demand. The $5 foot-long promotion, for example, led to a 20-percent increase in sales. That caused a 48-percent rise in bread usage during the promotional period, along with an additional 700,000 cases of product being delivered to the stores each week. Also involved in the detailed analysis of Subway’s distribution network were experts from MIT and Chainalytics. Their insights and encouragement gave IPC the impetus to work more closely with…

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