Cisco Erp Case Study

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The mission of Cisco technical support organization is to delivers a variety of revenue generating customer services. Most support services contract customers, and customers covered by new product warranties, depend on the efficient and timely logging, tracking, and managing of customer service requests. Customers can request assistance from by sending e-mail to the technical support organization, or by phoning the customer call centre. CARE system, based on Clarify application foundation technology, was used for tracking service requests. The Metrix system served as the foundation for all service logistics, including spare parts inventory management, accounting, returns/repair management, and order management.Both of these purchased …show more content…
This was the defining moment for the company as after this top management decided to implement ERP. About a month after the shutdown they created a team to do an investigation to replace the application.
The IT world, engineers are considered the most challenging user base when it comes to technology change. Years of customizations had resulted in a complex platform, but one that was familiar and comfortable for its resident users. CARE, Metrix, and Calico, while out of date and in danger of imminent failure, were getting the job done for the engineers. The biggest challenges associated with this project were user-focused. Convincing the hundreds of engineers that replacement software was vital to the success of the company was the first hurdle, and introducing the selected solutions would require unprecedented user
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With thorough evaluation criteria defined up front, the project team was able to objectively evaluate and score five vendors of relevant application packages. The choices were narrowed down to two vendors, each providing a solution demonstration as the final step in the selection process. The Oracle 11iapplication suite was selected as the best choice for customer call management and service logistics. For the product configurator, Selectic technology was chosen. This meant an implementation of many new modules for Cisco, as well as the use of relatively new technology from Oracle. While the Oracle 11i suite introduced risk, the team agreed it was the best solution

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