Agile software development

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  • Agile Software Development: The Downfall Method And Waterfall Method

    Software development is a very important aspect of a company’s program or database they use to keep track of their productivity and databases. There are certain steps and methods that go into making and establishing these programs. Two methods that I am going to discuss is the waterfall method and the agile development method. The waterfall method was originally defined by Winston W. Royce in 1970 (Hughey 2009.) The waterfall method is a linear sequence that goes from the requirements of the project to the design and then to the implementation (Kroenke, Boyle 2015.) The agile development method was introduced by software engineers in the 1980s and early 1990s. Agile Software Development is a set of software development methods in which requirements…

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  • Agile Software Development

    Agile Software Development, 6 Advantages Agile development is a strategy of software development in which the process occurs though short increments. The phases of the development process occur continuously in iterative cycles, involving a requirements phase, design and implementation, testing, and reporting. Stakeholders and designers meet after each increment to discuss what has occurred, re-evaluate requirements and determine priorities. This allows for greater transparency between clients…

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  • The Importance Of The Agile Software Development Method

    number of other simple processes. It is recommended to push for at least 30% of our software development to be using the agile software development method which, “is found to deliver much better outcomes than the traditional, waterfall ones” (Vogel 2014, p. 2). Solutions evolving through collaborative efforts and cross-functional teams will definitely promote continuous improvement and enable quick, flexible responses to change. There are typically a number of key steps in our development…

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  • Agile Software Development Case Study

    Software Methodologies Agile Methodologies Agile Software Development (ASD) has in the recent years been an emerging development approach in the South African software development industry. The agile approach is continuously improving with time and companies are now identifying that, there are still difficulties in adopting the agile approach and how software is developed in an agile environment (Greer & Hamon 2011). Aleid (2015) explains agile as a set unconventional development methodologies,…

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  • The Manifesto For Agile Software Development Case Study

    SOFTWARE ENGINEERING JAMESTER C GO BS COE 5A 3.1. Reread “The Manifesto for Agile Software Development” at the beginning of this chapter. Can you think of a situation in which one or more of the four “values” could get a software team into trouble? Manifesto for agile software development: 1. Individual and interactions over Process and Tools. - It is the first value proposition of the manifesto. This tool should be used for capturing requirements, version control, project planning, editing,…

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  • Agile And Waterfall Method For Software Development

    Agile and Waterfall are two different methods that are used in software development. They are ways of development. The Waterfall method model is a well defined and is exactly as it’s described. It is a linear style model that starts from a starting point to an end point. The stages are: Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, and Support. (Schwalbe, 2012) Agile on the other hand is a fairly newer term used to describe new approaches that focus on programming teams and business experts.…

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  • Agile Scrum Essay

    Task 1 In this assignment for project management I am going to choose the Agile Scrum methodology to use as the main body and examples. Agile Scrum is commonly known as it has its famous 12 principles that achieve a good success in project management. These principles I will describe below in a short description. This will hopefully illustrate whoever reading this a short understanding as I will progress to then explain why, Agile, is used to secure many great benefits to project management. 12…

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  • Agile Methodology Report

    Report – Investigation into ‘Agile Methodology’ The purpose of this report is to explain the benefits and drawbacks of adopting an Agile methodology, in particular ‘SCRUM’; providing an overview of this framework. In addition, this report will also conclude with a recommendation of actions for the company according to the findings. Agile Methodology: The Agile methodology is created to address and compliment business need for software in shorter timeframes. Using the Agile framework such as…

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  • Agile Development Case Study

    make necessary changes and upgrades to meet customer demands and loyalty. Agile development is heavily based on mathematical computations (Agile Methodology). It focuses on rapid delivery for functional components. Task at hand can be prioritized by the organization (Agile Methodology). If another emergent task appears the plan can be reprioritized and the information can be replanned for the future. The status of the project can be evaluated by team, through each phase of the build. Agile…

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  • Most Popular Agile Methodology: Why Use Scrum Body Of Knowledge

    Why Use Scrum? Scrum Overview According to Scrum Body of Knowledge or SBOK (SCRUMstudy, 2016): Scrum is one of the most popular Agile methodologies. It is an adaptive, iterative, fast, flexible, and effective methodology designed to deliver significant value quickly and throughout a project. Scrum ensures transparency in communication and creates an environment of collective accountability and continuous progress. The Scrum framework, as defined in the SBOK Guide, is structured in such a way…

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