Agile Software Development Case Study

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Software Methodologies
Agile Methodologies
Agile Software Development (ASD) has in the recent years been an emerging development approach in the South African software development industry. The agile approach is continuously improving with time and companies are now identifying that, there are still difficulties in adopting the agile approach and how software is developed in an agile environment (Greer & Hamon 2011). Aleid (2015) explains agile as a set unconventional development methodologies, which are different to the traditional software development approaches such as waterfall approach. Where the main aim is to establish flexible ways of product development, simple code implementations, improving time spent on development and respond to
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2010). Rubin (2011) describes scrum as an agile approach used for developing new software products and services. Cardozo et al. (2010) feather explains scrum as an agile method based on flexibility, adaptability and productivity, it’s a project management method that allows an organization to monitor, track and give guidance to real-time problems that arise during development. It is a framework that an organization uses to service various techniques to achieve project success. (Schwaber & Sutherland, 2011)
Research has proved that this method works best in small teams of 5-7. It entails a number of tools, techniques, processes and methodologies, such as sprints, backlogs, spring planning, burndown charts, etc. Which give support to a successful software delivery process (Blom 2010). A scrum must have a team, scrum master and the product owner, which will implement the iterative and incremental practices of the scrum method (West et al.
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Alied (2015) explains that FDD is initiated when the development team gets a high-level understanding of the system and its requirements. By acquiring sufficient information, the team will then draft a list of features that are critical to the user and describe true business value. The feature list is prioritised by the development team and is reviewed by the product owner (Lucia & Qusef,

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