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  • The Importance Of The Mughal Dynasty

    citizens in the Mughal empire. The fourth useful action, creating monumental architecture, was extremely useful in the Mughal empire because it showed sovereignty, wealth and combination of culture. Akbar’s Mughal architecture is a mixture of Persian, Islamic, and Hindu styles. Because of the combination, it allows none of those cultures to be left behind and everyone unite together. As a leader, Akbar the Great did a great job because the idea of compromising these cultures together results in less conflicts between each other. An example of Akbar’s monumental creation was the Agra Fort.The Agra Fort was two miles wide with five hundred buildings made of red sandstone. This showed the power of the Mughals because not all civilizations were able to create a fort two miles wide and all the buildings made with red sandstone. There were many more forths built after this one such as Lahore fort, Allahbad fort, and the Fatehpur Sikri. The architecture shows off the wealth the Mughal has. Mughal must be economically stable in order to build these buildings, meaning that Akbar the Great has greatly made the empire better. If he was not there to improve the income of the economy of Mughal, he would not be able to have these monumental architectures. Akbar the Great was extremely useful in the Mughal empire because of his increase in monumental buildings. However, some sides may believe that Akbar was not as useful as other Mughal leaders such as Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan has built…

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  • The Importance Of The Taj Mahal

    Located at the bank of the Yamuna River in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India is the Taj Mahal which is considered to be one of the greatest, most attractive monuments and is mentioned to be the 7th wonders of the world, it attracts over 3 million visitors every year from all over the world. The Taj Mahal was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal whom he loved dearly. The emperor wanted intended for this Taj Mahal to be one of the most beautiful…

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  • The Importance Of Mughal Empire In Agra India

    architecture of the Mughal Empire in Agra India. The Mughal Empire was founded in 1526 by Babur, a descendant of Mongol warlords. It was the most powerful Islamic state to rule in India, most prosperously during the 17th century. Under Mughal emperors, roads were built, trade prospered, and the arts flourished. The Mughals governed northern India, and over time, their rule extended from Afghanistan in the west to Bengal in the east. Eventually, the emperor Aurangzeb moved the capital from Agra…

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  • Mughal Garden Essay

    Water was manipulated beautifully in canals, jets of water, waterfalls, cascades, ponds and lakes.186 These Iranian styled Mughal gardens was “the central artificial hauz(حوض) which varies in size according to the dimensions of the garden.”187 Gardens were certainly an integral part of Mughal life. The Mughal Court being constantly on the move, garden palaces and gardens within fort complexes were highly appreciated as places of relaxation and as sittings for Court ceremonial. The Mughal…

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  • My Visit India Essay

    It is located in New Delhi, the capital city of India, which makes it a powerful fort during the Mughal Empire. The Red Fort got its name from the color of its walls, which consist of red sandstone. It has been the symbol of power ever since it was built. Every year, on independence day, the Prime Minister hoists the national flag in front of the Red Fort, and gives a nationally broadcasted speech. When I went to visit the Fort, I was immediately blown away away by the beauty of the Fort. It…

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  • Compare And Contrast Safavid And Islamic Empires

    In 1526 he took over the Turkic Ghur’iat Sultanate of Delhi, gaining control of Northern India. Under his rule, he allowed various Hindu temples to be built, further implementing their idea of tolerance. Even slavery began to lose importance in the Empire, which helped create peace between the kingdoms . The greatest Emperor was known as Abu Akbar; he is considered one of the greatest rules of all time. Akbar believed all religions deserved respect and it was his duty to treat all of his people…

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  • The Spanish Alhambra

    The Alhambra, translating to “the red” in the Arabic language represents the shade of red the palace reflects when the sun is setting for the day. The palace is located in Granada, Spain and it is the most recognized architectural piece of Islamic art. The red castle has been the symbol of the city for nearly 800 years. The Alhambra was constructed during the 13th and 14th century on its red hill-top during the ruling of Ibn al-Ahmar (Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). It was last…

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  • From Sea To Sea What Is There To See Essay

    From Sea to Sea What is There to See People die everyday right? That is a commonly known fact. Just think about how many people die that have never traveled across an ocean or had the chance to visit a different country. Earth has seven continents, why spend your entire life in just one and never see what the others have to offer. Traveling and seeing the way others live lets you realize how many different ways people survive in the world today. The world has so many different environments and…

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  • Source Analysis: Bhima Drinking The Blood Of Dushasana

    Source Analysis: Mughal-Era Painting Works of art from the Mughal period provide a first-hand account of what life was like back then. These masterpieces are important because they come directly from the Mughal time period, providing insight into how painters during the Mughal era thought. These paintings can provide political views, they can enhance our understanding of values and beliefs back then, and they can tell a story. The painting I will be analyzing is Bhima drinking the blood of…

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  • Essay On The Pyramids Of Tikal

    called Uzès to the Romans of Nemausus. This water was important to the Romans as they held local baths and fountains in their culture. It was used for this purpose until the Roman era came to a draw and was used as a toll bridge. Pont du Gard was constructed around 40-60 AD. It holds 50,000 tons of limestone ashlar masonry. This limestone was used in a shell system, being built with all the same materials all the way through. Post du Gard contains semicircular construction with three tiers of…

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