Mughal Garden Essay

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The love of gardening displayed by the Muslim Kings in Indian, particularly the Mughal Emperors, had an enduring impression on the taste of the people of India. When the great Mughals came and conquered India and consolidated their power there, they carried the art of gardening like other fine arts to the highest pitch ever attained by it before. The greatest epoch of the Mughals was spread over the reign of six Emperors from Babar to Aurangzeb.

During this time the successive Emperors, their wives and their noblemen created innumerable gardens in northern India. An enduring part of Iranian art and tradition were the paradise-parks or the paradise gardens, a concept which goes far back into history and which was linked from the earliest times
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Water was manipulated beautifully in canals, jets of water, waterfalls, cascades, ponds and lakes.186 These Iranian styled Mughal gardens was “the central artificial hauz(حوض) which varies in size according to the dimensions of the garden.”187 Gardens were certainly an integral part of Mughal life. The Mughal Court being constantly on the move, garden palaces and gardens within fort complexes were highly appreciated as places of relaxation and as sittings for Court ceremonial. The Mughal gardens included on the World Heritage List, various gardens in Kashmir, Shalimar Bagh(شالامار باغ) in Lahore, the gardens of the Lal Qila (لال قلعہ) in Agra, the great Maqbarah Bagh Humayun(مقبرہ باغ ہمایوں) in Dehli and the Taj Mahal( تاج محل) at Agra, fully illustrate the splendor and sophistication of the art of Mughal garden …show more content…
On Emperor’s instruction, it was planned and built by the well- known Iranian architects Ali Mardan Khan and Mulla Ala-al-Mulk Tuni. 197

Chashma Shahi Bagh(چشمہ شاہی باغ)

Chashma Shahi Bagh(چشمہ شاہی باغ) or also famous as The Royal Spring Garden at Kashmir was built in 1632 A.D. attributed its construction to Shah Jahan himself. But its Iranian features seem more likely that the actual builder was Ali Mardan Khan, at that time as Governor of Kashmir, working accorrdingto the Emperor’s instructions. 198

Nishat Bagh (نشاط باغ)

When the great Mughals started going to Kashmir to escape the dreadful and dusty heat of the Indian summer, they made their residence in the multi-terraced garden on the mountainside overlooking Dal Lake.199 Nishat Bagh(نشاط باغ) was built at Srinagar Kashmir, by Asaf Khan (the brother of Empress Nur Jahan), who was of a pure Iranian

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