Analysis Of The Icon: The Great Sphinx Of Giza

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According to Nelson, author of The Icon: Egypt’s Great Sphinx, “Who built the Great Sphinx of Giza? No one can say for sure (5).” Therefore, nobody knows who officially constructed the national symbol of Egypt that is the Great Sphinx of Giza; it’s a huge monumental figure that has a head of a human and a body of a lion (Winston 2). However, there are a few conspiracies about the human-headed lion such as who really actually built it, and why was it made? This mystery of who built the magnificent sculpture is still a secret to this day. One of the theories is that the great statue might have been constructed by Khafre’s father, King Khufu he was known as the builder of the Great Pyramid (Winston 3). Khufu’s son named Djedefre who is Khafre’s …show more content…
Some say it was for the Pharaoh Khafre to represent him as a god that was strong and wise. It had to be created for him because the Sphinx is supposed to be an Egyptian god, who protects the temples and monuments of Giza. The sculpture is also very close to the Pyramid of Khafre, so it could have been for Khafre. Another point is the Sphinx’s entire face and head has an old kingdom style to it which during this period Pharaoh Khafre was reigning as king (Winston 5). Also, almost every king has a headdress on top of their head in their sculptures. Moreover, the Sphinx is said to have had a beard that must have fallen off just like its nose did. Therefore, Khafre was remembered with a beard by the makers of the Great Sphinx. Although many say that the statute never had a beard in the first place. A French Archaeologist named Dr. Drobev says that Khufu had no beard whatsoever and that the headdress on the Sphinx has the same markings as Khufu had in one of his other statue’s that being the Sphinx might resemble him and not Khafre . Khufu’s son perhaps finished building it after his father’s death to recognize him as the sun-god Ra . Thus, the human-headed lion had to be created by King Khufu and his son Djedefre who build it based on the evidence that was found. I doubt that the Sphinx was actually made by aliens because there is not enough proof to make me believe that it is true. This other theory of why the Sphinx

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