How Did Egypt Build Pyramids

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The Egyptian civilization was a fairly popular civilization. The great pyramids, housing the long forgotten pharaohs from the ancient civilizations, being one of the main attraction and interests in modern day Egypt, but how did the Egyptian manage to create such a large and complicated structure? Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids? Many questions that needed to be answered. Through my journey to answer these questions, I will later learn more about the Egyptian civilization and the process of how the Egyptians planned, created, and obtain the ability to construct the great pyramids.
First, we need to go to the beginning of who thought of the idea of creating the pyramids. During the year of 2590 B.C.E. pharaoh, Khufu ruled the ancient
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Many believed that Khufu used slaves to build the pyramids. However, many of these pyramids were built during the old kingdom which is when the Egyptian civilization first began. Obtaining slaves this early into the civilization would be difficult since slaves are mostly obtained through wars. Moreover, during this period Egypt rarely ever made contact with anyone outside of Egypt being surrounded by a desert and water. Now researchers believed that Khufu hired many workers to build the pyramids. In fact, archeologist excavated a separate tomb where the workers were buried as well. It is believed that there were approximately 100,000 workers, many of which were skilled craftsmen. No evidence has been found to show how much this project costed Khufu to build, but according to a article called Classic projects: The Great Pyramid at Giza; it says that it is estimate to be £17.4 billion or $26.3 billion just for the cost of 100,000 workers working for 20 years, the time it took to build the pyramids, obviously the Egyptians didn 't have this kind of money to pay their workers or the kind of wages that we have now. It does show an idea of the expected cost of building a pyramid in the modern times and how difficult it is to achieve

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