Ahmose I

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  • King Ahmose I

    The piece of art that is the being discussed in this paper is the relief sculpture of King Ahmose I. The sculpture is dated to around 1550-1525 B.C making it from the New Kingdom and is only identified as being from Egypt. The entire sculpture is made completely of limestone and has dimensions of H. 56 cm; 36.2 cm. It is currently being displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Gallery 131 with an inventory number of 2006.270. The relief sculpture is only partially complete, which can be attributed to the fact that limestone is a very soft stone, easily chips and is easily scratched, but still has a lot of its features left. The eyes are huge and seem to be looking at everything. The eyebrows are defined very thickly and go past where the eyes end. This feature could be something that was usually done with makeup as was usual in ancient Egypt. The mouth was sculpted to have a small smile making the sculpture a rather nice image to…

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  • The Achievements Of Hatshepsut, A Pharaoh Of Egypt

    turquoise and wealth of luxuries (Brown, 2009). For Hatshepsut to portray the role Pharaoh she had to dress and do business with other nations surrounding her. Hatshepsut changed how she looked she wore the Nemes head-cloth, pharaonic regalia, even the Sekhem scepter she even had muscles. When Hatshepsut was just a girl, her father did everything possible to classify her as a male she had the mind of a man ambitious, clever and resourceful (Margetts, 1951). She had done a name change as well, so…

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  • Queen Hatshepsut Authority

    and ruled sometime within the century for more than 20 years. She died in early 1458. Daughter of Thutmose I and Ahmose and the favorite among their 3 children, Queen Hatshepsut is credited with the creation of the enormous memorial temple at Deir el-Bahri, and today this temple is recognized as one of the most impressive architectures of ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh also implemented the trading expedition with a land called Punt, which brought back many of Egypt’s finer goods. Hatshepsut was…

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  • Hatshepsut: Rise To Power In Ancient Egypt

    Despite what many think, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt did not succeed each other as an unbroken, patrilineal chain by any means. By the Eighteenth Dynasty, the state of kingship had recovered is authority from the Asiatic ruling of the Second Intermediate Period. Hatshepsut, one of the most well-known female kings of Egypt, is a clear outlier to what one would expect from a typical pharaoh. Her story, in summary, involves her gaining control over administration after King Thutmose II, her…

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  • Hatshepsut: Most Successful Female Pharaohs In Ancient Egypt

    receiving, it was still very important for her ascension to the throne as the King’s Great Wife. By the time she was able to walk and talk, Hatshepsut would have begun her training to become the God’s Wife of Amen. The role traveled with the king, so it could not stay with the previous king’s line, and thus was handed to Hatshepsut. She was trained by her mother, Ahmes, and other high priestesses at the time. Around age nine or ten, this job was hers. She now held one of the highest ranking…

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  • Statue Of Hatshepsut Analysis

    Since the first revelation of a piece that was considered as an “artwork”, many styles have been developed throughout the centuries. Artworks have been engendered by different artists in sundry styles, time periods and places. When artists or theorists invents an incipient set of conceptions of an unknown style, it can now be utilized by anyone, sundry times. Once an artist engendered an artwork utilizing a concrete style, another artist can re-visit it as the reference to engender a different…

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  • Edward Scissorhands-Personal Narrative

    jumped into the shower and got out 10 minutes later. 'What the hell do I wear? Are we going somewhere nice or casual? Should I text her and see? Fuck it, I 'll surprise her. ' Carmilla decided to wear her black skinny jeans with the tear on the kneecaps, her leather boots, and a black top that slightly showed off her stomach. She had the abs, so why not impress Laura? She wore her hair in the usual way, curls draping down her shoulders, while her bangs swooped over her…

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  • The Pharaoh Who Conquered The Sea Analysis

    Empire to flourish and expand. The pharaoh Ahmose I, the founder of the Eighteenth Dynasty, successfully drove out the Hyksos from Lower Egypt and re-established Egyptian rule over Nubia and Canaan, subject territories who had previously rebelled. Consequently, even though he had a brief reign, through his successful military campaigns he made the Egyptian Empire reach from Sudan to the South, across Syria to the North and Iraq to the East. Through Ahmose I policy, the foundations were laid…

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  • Eustress And Coping Project

    For my stress and coping project I decided to use a workout regimen rather than yoga, or deep breathing. In my workout regimen I have included running, stretching, and lifting of the upper and lower body. John and I have done so by using the Saint Leo gym to do our workouts and reduce the amount of stress that we have felt throughout the day. I have also compiled a chart for both my happiness level as well as the stress level in order to find the relationship between both mood and stress. Also,…

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  • A Day: The Love Of My Life

    On this day, I met the love of my life. That date will forever be special to me, as it has affected my life in so many positive ways. We found each other at just the right time for the both of us, and together changed our lives for the better. If it weren’t for a friend’s persuasion, and maybe a little fate, I would not be where I am today. A few months prior to the 30th, I broke up with my girlfriend of 2 and a half years. She decided that I was not enough for her (three times), so I decided…

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