Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

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  • Geographical Rights In Honduras Case Study

    Contract law. To obtain geographical rights in Honduras that allows one to sell a product or service, the following steps must be taken: 1. Name, address, and nationality of the filer as well as the location of their product or manufacturing establishments 2. The geographical indication where registration is sought 3. The geographic area of production 4. The goods for which the appellation is used 5. A description of the characteristics of the goods and 6. Payment of a fee (700 lempiras). After the application is submitted, it undergoes review and if it is not found to be in order, the entity will have thirty days to amend it or else forgo an approval. If all is in order and there is no opposition, the General Directorate of Intellectual Property…

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  • High School Mission Trip

    In Alvin Mitchel’s research “Determinants of Safety in Urban and Suburban Areas”, it was found that one’s perception of safety outweighs the reality. This is because crime is emotional and often time’s emotion outweighs other aspects (Mitchel 2004, pg 98-111). Because of this perception of crime, one does not often put his or herself in a position where he or she would be affected by crime. Hamilton County, Indiana in 2010 has a crime rate of 48.15 while Marion County in 2010 has a crime rate…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Family Beach Trip

    Each year, a pilgrimage to the Florida or Alabama gulf coast is a highly anticipated and enjoyed event for my family. In the beginning, it was just my wife and I. Man oh man, these trips were some of the most relaxing times that I can remember. Now, our yearly “beach fest” includes our two children, Kaylee and Garrett. While this is still a wonderful family event, I no longer use the phrase “relaxing”. Elbert Hubbard once said, “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who just had one”.…

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  • School Trip Research Paper

    class and how we talked about the trips. When I told her I wanted to go, she gave me a look that screamed, “ What!? Are you crazy? You think we have that money!” After a little thinking, she came back to me with an answer. She told me if I get a job, right when I turn 16, and start making the payments on my own, I could go. My choice was obvious, I was going to work. The decision to get a job meant that I had to give something up. From the fourth grade to tenth grade, I participated in…

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  • TRIMS: Not Fair For Developing Countries

    more related with the role of negotiations between multinational or transnational companies and the host country’s government. TRIMS can be grouped into three part: measures used to promote exports from the host country (export) performance requirements and trade balancing requirements), measures to reduce imports by the foreign investor (local content requirements), and measures to promote job creation and technology transfer. The aim of this measures is to control investment policies. However,…

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  • Copyright Vs Intellectual Property

    and using someone else’s work without permission. Copyright defines a set of rules on how specific work can be used. It basically sets out the right of the owner, and states responsibilities to the people who wants to use the work.…

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  • Bellarine Techno PVT LTD Case Study

    It can be referred to as rights of insubstantial and non-physical objects or things, which may include ideas, names, designs, artworks, innovations, audio creations, video documentations. As the definition refers to the intangible things, it is more difficult to protect these kind of properties compared to other properties. The properties which are tangible such as land, car and others can be protected and reclaimed if they are poached. But if an intellectual property is poached, it is very…

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  • Industrial Property In Iran Case Study

    The first Law on Industrial Property in Iran was in 1925, which came into force from 1926 and Registration Authority was working under the Ministry of agriculture, trade and public services. Trademarks were recorded in a journal called the Journal of Agriculture (published from August 22, 1928) in order of insertion of registration number. For the first time in Iran patent law and its civil and criminal protection applied in 1931 and the grant of the relevant license were assigned to the…

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  • The Trade-Related Aspects Of Intellectual Property Rights (WTO)

    World Trade Organization (WTO) is the confluence of a number of ideas, which were formulated into a distinct entity charged with overseeing a rules-based regime for the furthering of transnational economic integration, specifically reduction to trade barriers. Underpinning this is are a few things: countries control their own futures through their exercising of their sovereignty which includes limiting themselves through binding multistate agreements, international laws must be formulated and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The International Trade Organization

    The origin of the world trade organization goes way back to 1947 as the original intention was to create a third another institution that could handle the trade side of international economic cooperation. 50 countries were in participation to create the International Trade Organization (ITO) which would be an specialized agency of the unaired nations. The main purpose was to create the ITO at a UN conference on trade and employment in Havana, Cuba in 1947. However 15 countries were in talks on…

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