Industrial Property In Iran Case Study

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The first Law on Industrial Property in Iran was in 1925, which came into force from 1926 and Registration Authority was working under the Ministry of agriculture, trade and public services. Trademarks were recorded in a journal called the Journal of Agriculture (published from August 22, 1928) in order of insertion of registration number. For the first time in Iran patent law and its civil and criminal protection applied in 1931 and the grant of the relevant license were assigned to the Ministry of Justice. Iran joined the Paris convention for the protection of industrial property in March 1959.
Generally, in the comparison of the industrial property laws and the provisions of the Agreement on Intellectual Property Rights in Iran, it should be noted that patents law passed in 1931 and enacted in 1958 is in
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Proviso of this article also contains provisions that has strictly prohibited transfer of Iranian insurance institutions to foreign governments or shares more than 49 percent of their shares to foreign natural or legal persons and transfer of shares between foreign nationals shareholders must be with the prior consent of Central Insurance of

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