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  • The 1976 Copyright Act

    Sections 107 to 122 of the 1976 Copyright Act have established limitations on the rights of the copyright owners. All the rights exercised by the copyright owners should be done within the existing limits established in the 1976 Copyright Act. In some instances, these limitations constitute specified exemptions from copyright liability. For instance, one such limitation is expressed in the doctrine of “fair use” which requires the copyright owners to exercise their rights in a fair manner that does not put those seeking permission to use the material or some other works of authorship in a disadvantaged position. The doctrine also ensures fair-play and allows the users of the rights to seek legal action to the copyright owners who are infringing the rights of users like withdrawing the rights without due consideration. In further occurrences, the restriction derives in the form of a “compulsory license” through which specific restricted practices of copyrighted online works are allowable upon compensation of the obligatory loyalties, combined with obedience to constitutional conditions. The copyright owners in this case are compelled by the state to offer licenses to the users who have complied with the provisions of the law regarding the copyrighted work (Price and Margaret,…

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  • Indian Copyright Amendments

    This first independent Indian Copyright Act is complaint with most international conventions and treaties in the field of copyright. India is a member of the Berne Convention, the Universal Copyright Act (UCC), 1952 and the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) of 1995. Though India is not a member of the Rome Convention, the Copyright Act, 1957 is fully compliant with this convention. To cope with the challenges posed by the development of new technologies…

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  • Copyright In Television Show

    An interesting example of this is Disney, notorious for being extremely strict when it comes to copyright infringements and protecting their intellectual property. In the 90’s they fought to extend their copyright over Mickey Mouse to keep the character out of public domain and are now lobbying congress to extend it another 20 years. However, recently Disney seem to have had a turn around with their views towards copyright, specifically in relation their 2014 film Frozen. Youtube is littered…

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  • Copyright Law

    To contrast and expand the acknowledge of the protection that copyright law offers, this paper will investigate the cases of Adele accused of copying Kurdish artist’s ballad, Happy Birthday song copyright and Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’ Blurred line case. Nowadays, music can transfer and download quickly from the internet. Artists are willing to share their creative works on the different platforms, like iTunes and YouTube so that everyone can listen to all different kinds of music…

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  • Copyright Vs Intellectual Property

    which is copying, distributing and using someone else’s work without permission. Copyright defines a set of rules on how specific work can be used. It basically sets out the right of the owner, and states responsibilities to the people who wants to use the work.…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Copyright Law

    innovators, and forward-thinkers. To protect these men and women lawmakers have drafted some of the most important pieces of legislation in our country’s history: copyright law. Copyright’s purpose is to protect the intellectual property of creators, so that their work cannot be used, or reproduced without their consent. This gives creators the security that their assets will not be stolen, and thus, creates an environment that encourages new innovation and artistic expression. However,…

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  • Copyright Laws In Today's Business World

    COPYRIGHT LAWS IN TODAY’S BUSINESS WORLD Today 's world is full of competition and copyright are getting more and more attention in today 's business world. Copyrighting a property strictly defines the ways for which it can be used. A copyright holder has rights to permit or allow specific usage of the copyrighted work. In today’s business world, when a company wants its property to go public, they have to make sure that their copyrights are properly protected, and all copyright…

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  • The Infringement Of Copyright

    Infringement of copyright is an uncouth affair. scholastic infringement of copyright is an even more an uncouth problem. Erudite infringement of copyright is an exponentially serious and uncouth problem since people need to be able to not plagiarize. So lecturers teach their students to not plagiarize, after all if the students didn’t know how to not plagiarize their life would be difficult, so it makes sense that schools invest in plagiarism detection software so that they know that their…

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  • Copyright Office Essay

    securing for limited time to authors and inventors exclusive right to respective writings and discoveries” (U.S. Copyright Office). Formerly, claims were registered by clerks of U.S. district courts, however in today’s time the Copyright office is a separate department of the library of congress. The mission of the Copyright Office is to promote creativity by administering and sustaining an effective national copyright system and since 1870; the Copyright Office has registered more than…

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  • Consequences Of Plagiarism And Copyright

    Plagiarism and Copyright What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is possessed the wrong way and stole and announced language, thoughts, ideas, or the wording of others. Plagiarism is also the unauthorized use or copying of excessive words, ideas of others. Moreover, plagiarism is not simply identical copy of the word, but also includes the meaning of both works. How it can be avoided? To avoid plagiarism, I strictly abide by self-written text of my own and then cite the sources that I reference. In…

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