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  • Trends, Social Things And Pop Culture

    A Trend Corey Feldman (1971) is quoted saying, “you have to stay updated on trends, social things and pop culture, you need to stay with the times and keep evolving.” Feldman’s statement speaks to the countless trends we see in our society and how society is influenced by these trends. The business and science world, define a trend as a pattern, gradual change, an average, or general tendency to move in a certain direction. (, 2016) In the social sciences, a trend is determined when an activity is participated in by a society as a whole for a long or short period. (, 2016) Trends can have many varying meaning across a wide spectrum of fields. In the field of technology, a trend can be as meaningless as a silly cat on social media, or as interesting as a surprise announcement of a new groundbreaking technology.…

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  • The Goonies Movie Essay

    treasure and save the house. The only problem with that is to get to the treasure they must get away from three criminals who also want the treasure for themselves. Through their long hard fought and dangerous journey of looking for this treasure they learn that having each other through anything is the most important thing in life and for that they are grateful. Family is everything would be the theme of this film and that is why this is one of the most beloved family movies ever made. You…

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  • What Is The Hysteria In The Crucible

    Hysteria in The Crucible Hysteria is a prominent theme In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. Hysteria is the underlying cause for everything that happens in the play; it is what moves the story along and urges the reader to think critically about the character’s actions and choices or rather their lack of critical thinking and choice. While there are many factors that potentially contributed to the hysteria in Salem, what is depicted in The Crucible is something man-made and perpetuated through…

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  • Theme Of Morality In The Crucible

    The Crucible The most evident theme in The Crucible is that selfishness interferes with morality. The witch trials in Salem show that people will do or say anything to get something for themselves. If they wanted something, they would say anything to get it. They forgot about their morals and values. A lot of the characters in The Crucible claimed to be very pious, even though they only cared what people thought of them. Everyone in Salem let the whole town go crazy. They were willing to…

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  • Comparing Jealousy In Medusa And The Laboratory

    In the poems “Medusa” by Duffy and “The Laboratory” by Browning both authors explore the theme of jealousy and its destructive nature on people and society as a whole. In Duffy’s poem “Medusa” she critiques society on its treatment towards women, demonstrating how those without beauty are only corrupted with jealousy and how this behavior has survived through the ages. While Duffy focuses on the impacts of jealousy on the individual Browning looks towards its impacts on society, and its power to…

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  • The Crucible And 12 Angry Men Analysis

    argues the evidence given throughout the trial to prove not guilty with reasonable doubt. This sets both plays a part in the sense that John does not have supporting evidence to prove his ideas while Juror #8 does. The theme of both plays eventually come back to the idea that compassion and fairness need to be displayed in our judicial system, meaning the courts. Although we know that justice is not served in The Crucible an attempt at trying to gain justice is made. Proctor states, “If you’ll…

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  • The Crucible Greed Analysis

    Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness. Greed plays a role because their would be people who would want someone's else land or they wanted a higher paying salaire or they were just jealouse of someone else, so they would go and call out witchcraft. Thomas Putnam is one of the main characters who has this sin he was fighting with Giles Corey for his land. Giles Corey was later on accused of witchcraft because…

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  • The Antagonist In The Landlady

    Many people lie about how old they are and how much money they make, but this is not the case. In these stories the antagonist is lying how many people they killed or how normal they are. In the story Number 8 by Jack Ritchie and The Landlady by Roald Dahl, the reader can easily tell that you have been tricked to believe that the antagonists are good and nice because of the characterization. After all looks can be deceiving. In the story Number 8,. A young man was hitchhiking with this…

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  • Macbeth Theme Of Deception

    Name: Jocelyn Toh Sze Lyn Candidate Number: 2259 School: Tenby International School Penang Centre: MY401 _______________________________________________________________________ How does Shakespeare present the theme of deception in Macbeth? Throughout the play of Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, events always have a twist to them. Deception, which is defined as “the act of tricking someone by telling them something that is not true”, can be seen in the play through the main characters…

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  • Examples Of Paranoia In The Crucible

    The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, tells the story about a tangle of lies, misunderstandings, and deaths in the town of Salem during the time of witch trials. In the story, Abigail Williams along with a group of girls who follow her, between they Mary Warren, are responsible for falsely accusing the vast majority of people in the town of alleged relationships with the Devil, an act that the highest authorities believe. In this occasion, Miller treats topics such as integrity, revenge,…

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