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  • Napster Research Paper

    Back in 1999, a program was released called Napster, unbeknownst to its creators that they would be starting a domino effect in the world of piracy and the growing internet culture. Napster started a peer-to-peer file sharing revolution, which has become a perpetual machine in the present day. There are a limitless amount of websites these days that you can go to watch or stream television shows, movies, and music. The piracy community that exists on the internet could be compared to a Hydra when governments shut down one site, two more pop up. Is piracy really hurting the Entertainment Industry, or are they just crying wolf? Since 1999 when Napster revolutionized peer-to-peer file sharing, there has been a multitude of different free programs that are available to download anything from music to movies. With the evolution of technology and the forever expanding internet community has put internet piracy on a whole new level. A person’s desire of favoring something free and relatively easy, most of the time will outweigh the desire to go somewhere and pay a large amount of money on something. Another reason people pirate things over the internet is to get content that isn 't available in their part of the world, or they don 't want to wait for it to be. With the increasing trend of pirating your favorite TV shows, movies, and music, it has slowly been causing those industries to change how they distribute their media. Looking at the causes of internet piracy, with the…

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  • Music Accountability: The Harmful Effects Of Downloading Music

    past-time in America. Tons and tons of teenagers do it daily. Most don 't realize the consequence for us or the artists and some don 't even care about it. Record companies have begun to step in and do something about the illegal part of this. New age technology has enabled us to both legally and illegally download music, movies, or shows off of the computer. But if CDs and DVDs don 't sell, then where will the artists get their money from? People all over the world go online to download their…

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  • P2P File Sharing

    A Reading Response of “Free TV: File-Sharing and the Value of Television” by Michael Z. Newman Topic: The topic of Newman’s (2012) article presents the ever-changing value of TV shows as a public and private commercial enterprise. Modern TV shows have become private commercial property of TV networks, but the availability of “pirated” TV shows in P2P file-sharing networks has decreased their value. Ironically, the success of P2P file sharing has legitimized TV as a new “negotiation” of value in…

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  • Ethical Effects Of Movie Piracy

    A long time ago, since the invention of the video home system, movie piracy has been a rampant crime that caused extreme economic loss in countries all over the world. Cameras, video equipment, DVDs, and the Internet have greatly contributed to the unauthorized copying or sharing of copyrighted materials without permission, or simply stealing it. Many activities like lawsuits against file sharing websites have been taken to protect companies, producers, and artists from copyright theft. However,…

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  • Pirate Bay Case Study

    The weak copyright legislation is one of the reasons of digital piracy appearance. Enforcement mechanisms and regulations play significant role in terms of controlling the spread of illegal material. To demonstrate its role the comparison of legislations of two countries has been done, where one country has strong legislation and other country, which legislation needs to be improved. China represents country with comprehensive and strict rules against digital copyright infringement. It…

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  • Copyright In Today's Business Research Paper

    COPYRIGHT LAW IN TODAY”S BUSINESS In our great world today, there is a big competition and copyrights are getting more concern, getting more and more attention business world today. Copyrighting is a property strictly defines the way for which it can be used A copyright owner has to get right to permit or allow a specific usage of own work. In today business world, when a company wants its own property to present the public, they have to make sure that their copyright confidential must…

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  • Negative Speech: Illegly Overloaded Entertainment

    Purpose At the end of my presentation, the audience will favor purchasing entertainment, as opposed to illegally downloading pirated material. Introduction Let’s be honest, we’ve all downloaded a form of pirated entertainment at least once in our lifetimes. It could’ve been your favorite pop album, or a 20 minute TV show you’re enjoying at the moment. But what we fail to realize is how it actively hurts the creators, and everyone involved. Illegally downloaded entertainment hurts many without…

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  • Blown To Bits Analysis

    6 of Blown to Bits is a very interesting chapter. Chapter six dives into the often undefined world of copyright rights in computing. Copyright laws allow people to have full rights over their creative works and ideas, but this concept does not translate very well into the world of technology. Because information can be transferred with unparalleled ease in the computing age, intentional and unintentional copyright violations have become common. Should people be able to record television shows?…

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  • Digital Piracy

    The bill will allow rights holders to go to a Federal Court judge to request overseas websites, or "online locations", blocked provided that they have the "primary purpose" of facilitating copyright infringement. Suppose the rights holder’s request is granted, Australian Internet Providers such as Telstra or Optus would then need to comply with the judge’s order to block all nationwide access to the infringing website. Possible issues with this bill is the amount of money and time which would be…

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  • Essay On Music Piracy

    Music Piracy Pirates back in the 1800’s were known to sail the high seas, plunder ships, steal cargo, the list goes on. Pirates today are still around but they take a different form, they take the form of someone going on the internet and downloading a torrent of that catchy new song they heard on the radio or downloading an entire album from some no name artist that doesn’t have their album on Spotify yet. These pirates aren’t your traditional, pirates they’re music pirates. Music piracy hurts…

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